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The Kid Has Come!

IMG_4143After spending a few weeks in Oklahoma with his grandparents, Jaden made his way to Houston to spend some time with me. I’m always so excited to see my son. He’s such a fun kid and has an hilarious sense of humor. He stayed just shy of two weeks before he took a detour to tag along with me to San Diego. We had no idea what we were going to do while he was here in Houston so of course we decided to do touristy stuff!

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Fun Times in Mexico

My #international trips look a bit different since moving back to the US. With limited time off and everything so far away, I plan to get to know #Mexico and the #Caribbean much better. My last trip to #PlayadelCarmen was the early 2000s. It was one of my first cruises and we docked at a port and took a taxi to a beach in Playa del Carmen. For many years, it had been the best beach I’d experienced. The water was crystal clear, it was warm, and relaxing. Once I went to the #Maldives, the Playa del Carmen beach quickly moved down the list. I say all this to say, my expectations were pretty high for Playa del Carmen; not only because of past experience but because the resort reviews were stellar.

I stayed at the Royal Hideaway PlayaCar. It’s about a 40 minute drive from the Cancun airport but it was a nice ride in a SUV with a TV and a cold beverage. When I pulled up to the resort, it was grandiose. It had a royal feel to it and quickly reminded me of Doha. Greeted by friendly smiling faces, I was whisked away to check in and handed a glass of pink champagne and a cold towel for my face and hands. I was already in heaven.

Walking through the manicured grounds with small ponds throughout, was a site to see. I was taken to my villa on the third floor and left to explore. The room was great: spacious, clean, well stocked fridge and a nice sized balcony overlooking the grounds. I settled in and unpacked and made my way to the beach.

This was my first experience at an all inclusive and I’ve been watching the news about the mysterious illnesses and deaths  happening after drinking alcohol in Mexico. I’m not sure this was such a wise idea to go to Mexico because I certainly went light on the adult beverages during the trip. I mostly stuck to wine! Anyway, wading in the infinity pool with great drinks, ordering food in the pool, and laying in a cabana to read and relax is how I spent the weekend. I met great people from all over the state of #Texas. It was indeed a great experience.

I cannot recommend this resort, however. The food, overall, was the worst food experience I’ve ever had on vacation. Except the time I did get sick on my way from leaving #Mumbai. The only thing that kept me from starving was the hot wings (which had to be ordered at the pool), fries, and omelettes. I dined at one of the restaurants the first night. The main course, veal, was disgusting! I took one bite of the rubbery hunk of meat and decided I’d try the room service. That was a disaster. I can say they had great guacamole and I ate lots of plain lays potato chips.

All in all, I didn’t let the horrible food ruin everything else. I’ll try an all inclusive one more time and see if the food is better. If not, I’m not sure I can do it again! If anyone has a recommendation for a nice all inclusive with good food, please let me know. I’d certainly appreciate it. 

Finally, thank goodness for the pool because there was an extreme amount of seaweed on the beach. 

Well, I’ll sign off for now. The kid is coming soon so look for the Jaden & Kendra update! I enjoy when he visits. He’s such a blast and he reminds me how old I am…

Living life…and it’s good.

Houston Nights

James and I had a ball!

I feel like I’m back in Doha with all the fun I’m having. Yes, I’m sure it’s the newness of it all but I don’t need a lot of people to have a good time. People-watching and a glass of wine can keep me settled for a few hours; oh, and good music too. I’ve been exploring the city with a friend that I’ve reconnected with. She and I have had good food, good music and good laughs. It’s so nice to have her in my life again and have the opportunity to just be ourselves!

I promised to tell you about the motorcycle night a few weekends ago. I was at my now favorite spot, @Bar5015. Yeah, I already have a favorite spot. Anyway, I was sitting out on the deck enjoying the night breeze, listening to the DeeJay spin records. A couple of mature gentlemen pulled up on their #Harleys. I love bikes, some of ya’ll know this about me. I had to check them out. Anyway we all had great conversation and when it was time to go home, I asked for a ride on the bike (I use #Uber when I go out). I hopped on the back of the Harley and rode the one mile home. Not super safe for many reason…I know. But it was fun! I cannot wait to get another bike!

There’s another little spot called Leon’s Lounge. Again, trendy spot. They have great drinksIMG_3830 and a great live band on Saturday nights. I happened to take Paige and Shed when they stopped through on their way to #California. I guess I’m getting old because my soon-to-be nephew clowned me because I like to listen to old school R&B. He totally rained on my parade but I enjoyed it while it lasted. I’ll be sure and go again.

I treated Paige and Shed to my new found little piece of heaven: Triple Tree Center. It’s a massage place where they give you a chair massage, with your clothes on and they add a little reflexology. I’ve been a few times in the last several weeks and thought Paige & Shed could use a little massage after hours of driving and even more hours to drive ahead of them. We all laid on those chairs and were assaulted for the next hour. But it felt great! I can’t wait to go back again. It’s also super inexpensive; can’t beat $30.

In the Bellaire area of #Houston, I found a nice Thai restaurant: Tony’s Thai Restaurant. I wanted to have something light because we had dinner plans so I ordered the potstickers and spring rolls. They were excellent. I don’t typically care for steamed potstickers but these were incredible and I will certainly make my way back just for the appetizers.

You must now know about the most wonderful dessert place on Earth; in my opinion. It’s called Sugar Rush Cake Gallery. Here’s what I’ve had: mini cheesecake with banana pudding and a host of cupcakes. You have to look at the menu just to see the descriptions of the cupcakes. They are moist, the icing is to die for and they have the most wonderful toppings. I’ve had a cupcake topped with a piece of pecan pie and one topped with banana pudding with vanilla wafers (just like the cheese cake). It’s going to take some serious self control to stay away from that place…or at least limit my visits. If you come to Houston, it’s a must try!

We rocking the gold!

To close this blog out, I have to tell you about a small pleasure…Living in the Pacific NW, I missed the self-serve car wash. When I got here back in April, my sister and I were out and about shopping for things for my apartment. OMG! I came across a self-serve car wash and was excited beyond belief. Jamica just laughed at me as I took my time using just about every setting on the machine to wash my car. The pay stations have even upgraded to credit and debit card payments. I was enthralled! It was great having a stroll down memory lane…until I got in the sun and noticed all the spots that I missed….and then got the bill and saw I spent $18 on a horrible car wash. Lol! It was all good though. With this heat and humidity in Houston and the fact that I did a poor job, I’ve decided to go new school. I’ve found a car wash to take care of my car cleaning needs. They do a great job!

Until next time my friends! Living life in #Houston…and it’s so good.

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I’m Feeling Some Kind of Way

2014-08-14 19.24.50This is Brittany. Beautiful, loving, and has a smile for the ages. A kind person with a heart of gold. She has three beautiful children that she adopted with her loving husband, Lane. Brittany has been one of those friends that I only see once a year or once every couple of years, along with the rest of the University of Tulsa #TU crew.

I remember one of our girls’ trip to #Denver. We stayed in the mountains and went out on snowmobiles. One of us, not me, kept driving off the edge into a ditch. The last time the snowmobile went into the ditch, all of us girls wondered how in the world we’d get that darn snowmobile out of the ditch. Then along came about 10 men, dressed in all black on black snowmobiles. They were there to rescue us! As each one removed their helmet, the next one cuter than the one before, all of us girls grinned sheepishly and played helpless. Yes, we did. It was like a scene from a movie. We still talk about that story whenever we get together.  Continue reading I’m Feeling Some Kind of Way

…and the new journey begins

Sneak peek at my new place! This is my little office space and half my wine.

Well folks, I’m on the plane to Houston, TX. Yes, I will become an official resident of TX today (4/12/17). Weird thought but I’ve already found some #sooner allies. I can’t wait until football season starts! #BOOMER

It’s been a very busy time making this move happen. I love logistics so planning the move was exciting. Putting my house on the market was the thing that made it seem so real. When the house sold in less than 2 weeks – I knew it was serious! I can’t go any further without recognizing my amazing realtor, Shelly Caswell with John L. Scott. Shelly was recommended to me by Shawn & David, my neighbors. She is incredibly knowledgable, professional, and on top of her game. I was confident through the entire process because of her expertise and experience. When it came down Continue reading …and the new journey begins

Weekend Trip to Snowy Denver

This is actually Vancouver, WA. View from my deck. 

A direct flight to #Denver was my latest get-away. I’ve spent time in the Mile High City before at conferences. As a matter of fact, the first time I learned about the opportunity that took me to the Middle East was at a conference in Denver. And I had an amazing time with friends from college skiing one weekend a few years ago. So, even though it was cold and I flew into snow, I was ready to hang out in Denver.

I stayed at the Hotel Monaco Denver@Kimpton Hotel. It was just as wonderful as I remembered it being. The family atmosphere, the great customer service, complimentary #winehour plus complimentary chair massages during wine hour – it was spectacular. I hung out at the bar the first night receiving an education on the fine art of making cocktails. Chad, the mixologist on duty, took excellent care of me and poured up a couple of cocktails that certainly hit the spot. Continue reading Weekend Trip to Snowy Denver

Getting Uncomfortable in 2017

NYE 2016 – Dallas, TX

December 30th, I woke up and decided that I didn’t particularly want to spend #NYE in WA. I browsed the websites to see how far my points could take me. I quickly learned that I could get to #Mexico for half the price I could get to anywhere in the US. However, I thought hopping on a plane to Mexico at the very last moment just seemed a little insane, even for me. So I quickly decided on #Dallas. Yes, Dallas…I’m not sure why I’ve been spending so much time in Texas lately but I must say it’s been nice getting reacquainted with the place. Continue reading Getting Uncomfortable in 2017