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The Latest – Life in the Desert

IMG_2477I self diagnosed myself this week with the flu. Having a fever while in the desert is just plain stupid! The fever part lasted two consecutive nights and really socked it to me. I have gracefully recovered and am at about 85%.

Since it was such a rough week, I ended it with a couple of spa treatments. I thought having a hot stone massage would do my body good and adding a facial would give me the ultimate relaxation. I arrived to my normal spot and was greeted by Nur, my wonderful therapist. She said to me, “Your face looks oilier than normal.” I nodded because I’d noticed too. Then she said, “You look so tired.” I laughed and responded “I’m oily and tired.” She laughed too and said “That’s exactly why you’re here!” I laid down on the bed of smooth hot rocks and melted away. Nur was right, I was there because I was oily and tired and needed every bit of the 3 hours at the spa. Read more

Recap! It’s Been 1 Year!

IMG_1162It was exactly one year ago today that I boarded a plane to Qatar and started an exciting new chapter in my life. This has been the most fascinating year. Here’s a recap: Read more

Time for a Reflection

Learning to fry chicken.

Learning to fry chicken.

But first….

Since coming back from #Budapest, Jaden & I haven’t done much. He’s been working on putting a video together from photos and clips we took in #Budapest. Once he’s done, I’ll put it on the blog.

We’ve been to a couple of #Doha malls: Landmark and Ezdan. We had lunch at La Spiga’s in the W Hotel. It was my first experience there and I’ll tell you, their express lunch rivals the Market’s (also in the W) express lunch. Man, it was great! Jaden’s been trying to get me to take him back but I won’t. I think I’ll Read more

Jet Lag is A Beast – But the Fun Continues

Someone's Jet lag just won't stop!

Someone’s Jet lag just won’t stop!

It’s been an exhausting week. With 2 to 3 hours of sleep here and there, daily naps, and some sleep assistance, I’m still not over the jet lag and Jaden isn’t either. However, we’ve pressed through in order for him to see and do things and today was the first day he didn’t complain about going somewhere. His not complaining could have been delirium though because he stayed up all night…and all day.

We spent the afternoon at the Kempinski Marsa Malaz here in Doha at the Pearl. We hung out at the beach/pool. There was only one other lady there for most of Read more

Welcome to Doha

We're all ready to go! Heading to Germany then on to Qatar.

We’re all ready to go! Heading to Germany then on to Qatar.

Wow! It’s been an incredible couple of weeks. After wrapping things up in California, my son met me at LAX and we began our journey back to Doha. We arrived to LAX with several hours to go before our flight left so I introduced Jaden to airport lounges. We had a great time hanging out in the KLM Lounge with food and drinks. He thought it was Read more

Desert Safari

Hanging Out In Doha – Sept & Oct 2014

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