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Jazz in NYC

img_2726I love Jazz. I’m no jazz historian but I love the genre. One thing that I looked forward to during my NYC trip was to finally see @ChrisBotti at the @BlueNoteNYC . This year marks his 12th year doing a residency during the month of December at this particular jazz club. I’ve seen him at large concert halls performing with his band and the orchestra behind him. But the chance to see him in an intimate setting in NYC intrigued me. I was not disappointed. This was a concert that I will remember for some time to come. Not only is Chris an extremely talented musician, he’s a performer at heart. His band is also phenomenal. Even though his band has turned over since the last time I saw him, he has put together an amazing group of musicians. And…Ms. Sy Smith @Sybersoace is still with him. Her beauty, grace and voice exuberates the soul. I’m in love with the music, captured by the Live in Boston album, I’m a loyal fan. The night we were there, The Ms. Cicely Tyson was present Read more

So I Went to the States

Tamika, me & Paige

Tamika, me & Paige in Charlotte, NC

This is my third trip home to the states this year and I had a great time. As discussed in my last blog, Minneapolis…I Like It, I took my first trip to Minnesota. It’s a beautiful place with beautifully kind people and I hope to make it back one day. From there I spent some time in Chicago. It’s been 10 years since I was last in Chicago. I’d taken a travel assignment and worked at Prentice Women’s Hospital  at Northwestern. I stayed in a sky rise a few blocks from Michigan Avenue and Jaden was just 3 years old. It was only a one bedroom apartment but the closet was so big, Jaden used it as his room. I had a good time exploring Chicago all those years ago and it felt good to be back. Read more

Jet Lag is A Beast – But the Fun Continues

Someone's Jet lag just won't stop!

Someone’s Jet lag just won’t stop!

It’s been an exhausting week. With 2 to 3 hours of sleep here and there, daily naps, and some sleep assistance, I’m still not over the jet lag and Jaden isn’t either. However, we’ve pressed through in order for him to see and do things and today was the first day he didn’t complain about going somewhere. His not complaining could have been delirium though because he stayed up all night…and all day.

We spent the afternoon at the Kempinski Marsa Malaz here in Doha at the Pearl. We hung out at the beach/pool. There was only one other lady there for most of Read more

NYE 2014 & More

Back to My “Normal” Doha Life

Wicked1Original Post: May 31, 2015

If felt good to be back home from my travels. Sleeping in my own bed those first few nights was wonderful. To complete the total R&R package, I made a spa appointment and spent 2 hours (just 2) there the day after I returned from vacation.

I’m entering into my first summer here in Doha. The average temperature has been 106 to 111. Read more

London Day 1

MinsterOriginal Post: May 20, 2015

London. It’s a nice place to visit with rich history and a people who are very proud of their history. I did quite a bit of sight-seeing and museums while in London and I must say, I became bored with it primarily due to the restrictive nature of the visits. I’m not some fabulous photographer but I do enjoy taking photographs. They don’t allow photography in most places I visited. I even had a volunteer run me out of the church because I was looking at my phone to see how long it would take the taxi to arrive. Literally I was looking down at the phone, not playing with the buttons, anything…and it was cold outside! Anyway, here’s what I did in London… Read more

Goodbye Paris…Hello London!

parisOriginal Post May 17, 2015

Paris is a pretty cool place. I spent most of day 4 recovering from days 1-3. Once I managed to get out of the hotel, I went down to a shopping district and did quite a bit of window-shopping. I did buy a couple of clothing items but really, shopping wasn’t on my to do list. I found a corner restaurant to have a snack and a drink. The drink was good and the onion soup was astounding! I think it’s funny that in France, they don’t call it French onion soup, just onion soup.

From there I went to dinner at a place called Le Louis. I was unable to get reservations to the ultra popular Sacree Fleur and they recommended Le Louis. Super cute, cozy, Italian feeling restaurant. I had frog legs to start…yes; I’m just going all out while I’m here. They were good. Tasted like Read more

Fun Times!

crewOriginal Post: May 4, 2015
It was another amazing week for me here in the Middle East. Good times and lots of fun sums it up for me. I had a chance to check out the new vocalist at JALC Doha Ms. Chantae Cann. Beautiful voice! It was a delight to hear such refreshing vocals.
Later in the week I had a chance to host my first party at my place. It was a farewell party for one of the fabulous nurses I’ve worked with since my arrival. She and her family are moving back to Canada at the end of the month and I was happy to host one of her many parties. We had a good turnout for a potluck event and many adult beverages to go with it. I created a cocktail that was simply a hit: mint lemonade muddled with fresh strawberries and vodka, topped with 7up. I think it will become my signature cocktail for events! So hosting a party was pretty convenient. My building supplied all the extra dishes and silverware, table cloth, ice & ice buckets. It was a breeze! I think I could get used to hosting parties.

Read more

Mom’s Doha Days Continued

momOriginal Post: April 20, 2015

The fun continued after our return from Dubai. Mom managed to venture out on her own some mornings and went to the souq (which I think is her favorite place), the Katara Cultural Center, and the Fanar – Islamic Educational Center. Uber was great because I was able to send a car her way when needed.  She also got to experience the Karwa blue taxi. I try my best to stay out of those cars but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Read more

A Couple of Days in Dubai

DubaiOriginal Post: April 17, 2015

Day 3: It was my pleasure to introduce my mom to the world of Jazz at Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha. With the opportunity to listen to great Jazz artists, we had a New Orleans style meal as we enjoyed the music. I thought I’d give shrimp & grits a try. I’m not really sure why I wanted to try shrimp & grits in the desert since I’ve already had the best shrimp & grits in South Carolina. In all honesty, it was one of the worst dishes I have had at a restaurant. I believe here Read more

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