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Tea Time, Donuts, and Junk

IMG_5657I was excited to visit my friend Amber in California after her recent move from #Portland. What better weekend to go than when the Great Junk Hunt would be in town? I got a very inexpensive direct flight to Burbank on SWA and looked forward to a packed one and a half day visit! Amber is the hostess of hostesses. I appreciated the reusable water bottles with the refill jug in the back of the car. That’s so #PDX and so something I would do! The guest room is amazing! It all starts with the sheets. I thought my guest sheets were great, I must up my game after staying in Amber’s cozy guest room. She convinced me to use the warming pad on the bed. While I was initially skeptical, it was heavenly! I slept like a baby. Read more

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