All Star Weekend 2018


Car used by Lyft for AllStar Weekend – Photo credit: Jaden Coleman

Last year Jaden really wanted to go to #AllStarWeekend in #NOLA. It’s difficult to make that sort of thing happen with little to no planning. So instead, I planned to take him to #LA for his 16th birthday during #AllStarWeekend to participate in some of the festivities.

We arrived in LA Thursday evening and stayed at an #AirBandB in the #ArtsDistrict . Needless to say, we only stayed there one night because of some issues that I won’t get into here. But if you’re planning to go to LA and stay in a #loft in the arts district, hit me up first. You DO NOT want to stay where we stayed.

Celebrity Game

At the Celebrity AllStar game.

Anyway, Friday morning we stopped at Urth’s Caffe in the Arts District. This place is a gem. It’s some of the best food I’ve had in while. I had an Italian omelette with chicken sausage and the freshest sourdough bread. Jaden had beef hash with poached eggs and potatoes. It was great. The beef just melts in your mouth. Freshly squeezed orange juice was the finishing touch. The warm sun in the early morning sitting outside eating breakfast was a great way to start the day.

So, how does one do All Star Weekend on a budget? First, you must know which events will get you the most bang for your buck. Knowing some people close to basketball, I got some suggestions and went with it. We went to the Celebrity All Star game and the All Star Practice. Jaden happened upon a ticket to the Rising Stars game. He was in heaven. This kid’s knowledge of the game, the payers, men and women, was astonishing. I did tease him about his #starstruckedness (I know I just made up a word).

The celebrity game was cool. I learned who @adotbdot5 is and #Migos because #Quavo won #celebrity #MVP . See, I learned something! But seriously, Jaden’s passion of and knowledge for the game makes me want to start watching the NBA again. We could certainly have some great debates.

Photo Credit: Jaden Coleman

The All Star practice was fun and there was some energy in the room. It was his first time seeing @KingJames . It was fun watching Jaden’s reactions.

I just learned about the captains this year. That’s such a great idea. It should certainly make the game more competitive. For those who don’t follow the @NBA, no more East vs West. Team captains were chosen and they picked their teams from the selected all stars. Each team is playing for a charity. How cool is that?

Jaden had a great time at the rising stars game. He literally sat right in front of #Shaq #Kenny #Charles & #KevinHart It was exciting for him. It was the event he wanted to go to most. All about networking!

Jaden’s aunt was in town staying at the players’ hotel. We went there for a late snack and drink. It was good to see Shun and Jaden gave us both a lesson on who was who as he named every player that walked by. SMH.

Overall, we had an amazing weekend in LA, including a photo shoot with me as the subject. Photos to come!


Living life and it’s good!

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