The Kid Has Come!

IMG_4143After spending a few weeks in Oklahoma with his grandparents, Jaden made his way to Houston to spend some time with me. I’m always so excited to see my son. He’s such a fun kid and has an hilarious sense of humor. He stayed just shy of two weeks before he took a detour to tag along with me to San Diego. We had no idea what we were going to do while he was here in Houston so of course we decided to do touristy stuff!

I admit, I was excited about being a tourist in Houston. However, the jury is still out on how I really feel about the experience. We didn’t do any museums because SOMEONE doesn’t appreciate them the way I do. However, we bought a #CityPass and did a few things with the City Pass.

We went to the Kemah Boardwalk. Several people told us we should go there and we absolutely had to check it out. Well…first it was hot as heck! Like the kind of heat that is close to unbearable. Then, it was a bit of a let down. The food and rides cost more than carnival prices; a bottle of water was nearly $5. The rides weren’t worth the money either. The most enjoyable part was the time we spent at Kemah was in the arcade. We played some fierce games of air hockey! He’s just as competitive as I am but I think I beat him this time. I gave him a run for his money on the basketball shooting game too. I have a few skills! The best part of the entire Kemah visit was when we left to find a #ChicFilA. Yeah, it was fantastic! Honestly, it was the time spent with the kid that was most important. We made the best of it.

We thought we’d check out the Downtown Aquarium too. Wow, it was totally IMG_4138underwhelming. It’s a hodge podge of stuff. It way more “stuff” than aquarium. I also don’t quite understand why they have a white tiger on display at the aquarium. Confused. Anyway, Jaden and I wandered through there quickly and then made our way to the first annual #Houston food festival. This was an absolute blast. They had food trucks and live music. We got to taste a few things and enjoy some jazz. This was certainly our sort of thing.  I wish the trucks to offered small plates so people could sample. They sold full plates so of course, we didn’t get to try nearly as many things as we wanted to try. We did, however, try @YoYosHotDogs Yum! Bacon and grilled onions on a beef hotdog is sinful! The owner has a great story too. You should check him out.

Another odd highlight for us was visiting the Space Center. When you first walk in, it’s completely overwhelming…in a good way. Then you slowly start to realize how complex it all is and unless you’re a space or science enthusiast, you’re not going to appreciate it the way it should be appreciated. Once again, Jaden and I saw and did a few cool things and wandered out to #MODPizza. If you haven’t tried @MODPizza you are missing out! Can you tell we like to top our adventures off with food?

Anyway, we had a great time during his visit to Houston. As his time here was coming to an end, we kept our eye on Hurricane Harvey. As I mentioned earlier, Jaden decided to tag along with me to San Diego to visit my niece and her fiance. We took an early flight out the Friday of the storm to explore San Diego. Look forward to that blog coming soon!

Living life & it’s good.



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