I’m Thankful

IMG_4139I survived my first hurricane; kind of. Technically I missed #Harvey. I had a planned trip to visit my niece in San Diego the day the #hurricane hit. Jaden & I took an earlier flight and we landed in California Friday morning. Over the next several hours and days, we watched as the devastation unfolded in what I now call home: #Houston. I couldn’t begin to imagine what people were experiencing and the heart-breaking images brought tears to my eyes.

Videos began to emerge and I recognized areas of Houston that I have come to know in such a short time. Then I came across a video that showed the water rising just outside my apartment complex. The reservoir outside my window overflowed like nothing I’d ever seen. I began to hear stories about hospitals evacuating and the airports closing. There seemed to be no end in sight for the rain either. I was glued to social media.

An alert went out Sunday regarding the closure of the airports. #HoustonHobby was closed and #IAH was closed Sunday – Thursday to commercial flights. I knew it was a huge deal to close airports so I truly imagined the worst. I was on the edge of my seat watching the evacuations occur at hospitals and residences. It was all surreal. I was so proud of the response from #Houstonians and from so many others around the country and world.

I made it home Thursday afternoon after changing reservations six times and four days later than expected. I came home to what I consider minor inconveniences:

  • Basement parking garage flooded with 18 feet of water
  • This caused the elevators to be shut down (I live on the 7th floor)
  • This also caused the water pumps to be turned off (no running water for 13 days – I was only without for a couple of days)
  • My router blew (I guess the power cord didn’t work) so I had no cable or internet

So I was okay with these things. I am so thankful that all my personal items were intact and dry. I had enough of a presence of mind to park my car on a high floor when I left for California so my car was just fine too.

I must mention that my company was impressive with their response to this disaster. I have never seen such compassion and generosity from an employer. They were most concerned about patient and employee well-being and made sure each person was accounted for. They immediately activated financial support and removed any tape that may have had a hint of red. They wanted things to be seamless and it was. This is the type of company that makes an employee want to be loyal. It was leadership at its finest.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who reached out to check on me. I heard from people that I haven’t heard from in quite some time and it was good to know they were thinking of me. On a funny note, my BFF had no idea there was a hurricane going on. However, since I know her so well, I knew I didn’t hear from her because she didn’t know about it. So once she called more than a week after #Harvey hit, I just smiled as she apologized profusely. I love that woman!

Until next time folks!

Still living life…and it just keeps getting better.

#ILoveHouston #HoustonStrong

One Response to “I’m Thankful”

  1. Anonymous

    So glad to hear you are well. I imagine you will always have a home even if it is says things. When you get right down to it people are all pretty good generally. Be safe and have fun!



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