Fun Times in Mexico

My #international trips look a bit different since moving back to the US. With limited time off and everything so far away, I plan to get to know #Mexico and the #Caribbean much better. My last trip to #PlayadelCarmen was the early 2000s. It was one of my first cruises and we docked at a port and took a taxi to a beach in Playa del Carmen. For many years, it had been the best beach I’d experienced. The water was crystal clear, it was warm, and relaxing. Once I went to the #Maldives, the Playa del Carmen beach quickly moved down the list. I say all this to say, my expectations were pretty high for Playa del Carmen; not only because of past experience but because the resort reviews were stellar.

I stayed at the Royal Hideaway PlayaCar. It’s about a 40 minute drive from the Cancun airport but it was a nice ride in a SUV with a TV and a cold beverage. When I pulled up to the resort, it was grandiose. It had a royal feel to it and quickly reminded me of Doha. Greeted by friendly smiling faces, I was whisked away to check in and handed a glass of pink champagne and a cold towel for my face and hands. I was already in heaven.

Walking through the manicured grounds with small ponds throughout, was a site to see. I was taken to my villa on the third floor and left to explore. The room was great: spacious, clean, well stocked fridge and a nice sized balcony overlooking the grounds. I settled in and unpacked and made my way to the beach.

This was my first experience at an all inclusive and I’ve been watching the news about the mysterious illnesses and deaths  happening after drinking alcohol in Mexico. I’m not sure this was such a wise idea to go to Mexico because I certainly went light on the adult beverages during the trip. I mostly stuck to wine! Anyway, wading in the infinity pool with great drinks, ordering food in the pool, and laying in a cabana to read and relax is how I spent the weekend. I met great people from all over the state of #Texas. It was indeed a great experience.

I cannot recommend this resort, however. The food, overall, was the worst food experience I’ve ever had on vacation. Except the time I did get sick on my way from leaving #Mumbai. The only thing that kept me from starving was the hot wings (which had to be ordered at the pool), fries, and omelettes. I dined at one of the restaurants the first night. The main course, veal, was disgusting! I took one bite of the rubbery hunk of meat and decided I’d try the room service. That was a disaster. I can say they had great guacamole and I ate lots of plain lays potato chips.

All in all, I didn’t let the horrible food ruin everything else. I’ll try an all inclusive one more time and see if the food is better. If not, I’m not sure I can do it again! If anyone has a recommendation for a nice all inclusive with good food, please let me know. I’d certainly appreciate it.

Finally, thank goodness for the pool because there was an extreme amount of seaweed on the beach.

Well, I’ll sign off for now. The kid is coming soon so look for the Jaden & Kendra update! I enjoy when he visits. He’s such a blast and he reminds me how old I am…

Living life…and it’s good.

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