Girls’ Trip

I’m not talking about the movie and I actually haven’t even seen it yet, but I will. The #GirlsTrip I’m talking about is the one my college friends and I have regularly. It was another spectacular weekend with great food, fun and laughs.

This was our first trip since Brittany’s passing. I admit, I was nervous about getting together because Brittany has been a constant in our girls’ trips. Her absence would speak volumes amongst us…and it  did. We took time to honor and acknowledge her and it was needed. We all miss her beautiful smile and bright positive personality. The good thing that came out of this gathering is we gained two ladies on this trip. Having them there made us appreciate the times we are able to escape and spend time together even more. 

For some reason, many of us now live in Texas so we decided to get together in #Dallas. IIMG_4027 flew in Friday evening and met up with my sista from another mother, Christie. I love that woman! She is such an amazing woman, sister, friend, wife, daughter, nurse and now…mother! And I got to play auntie to beautiful baby Sofia! I was also treated to amazing Italian wine and Bruce’s fantastic cooking: mushroom risotto was on the menu that night.

The next day, we headed FAR, FAR away to Lindsay’s new place. We pulled up to a beautiful house, unpacked Sofia, walked up to the door excited to see our friends and a nice older gentleman answered the door. He seemed excited to see us but we quickly realized we were at the wrong house! I’m sure he would have enjoyed our company though. Luckily we were just a couple of blocks from Lindsay’s and made our way over there. We got the grand tour and I can’t say enough about Lindsay’s reading room. Talk about a woman who loves books. It’s amazing. I wish I had taken a picture. I can’t wait to go back to check out all her remodels.

IMG_3951We had a great lunch and chatted about many things. We certainly made fun of one of us (who shall remain nameless) who is still trapped in the early 1990s age of technology. She even stills have a real live answering machine; not a voicemail, an answering machine. But we love her no less!

We finished the day at an escape room (Escape HQ), had dinner at #FiresidePies and drinks and desserts at BJ’s. If you can’t tell, we enjoy good food and good drinks. The escape room was a ton of fun. It’s the third one I’ve done and I think we’re going to make it a regular part of our trips. The Quattro Funghi and the Triple Roni pies at Fireside are the bomb! You must try the Fireside Cheese salad. It’s insanely delicious. I had a peach margarita at BJ’s – fantastic!

We finished the evening and have actually made plans for our next trip. California, here we come! I can’t wait to spend time with these ladies again. It was delightful having Rachel and Marlo with us this time. Friendships are so important and two years was too long for us to get back together. I’m excited that it won’t be that long between now and our next gathering.

Sunday, I went to brunch with Christie and my big sister Tamona. We went to Princi Italia and had the best mimosas and lemon drops. The egg white lobster omelet was pretty good as well. From there, we wandered around the Shops at Willow Bend and found some great deals. It was a great afternoon with my sis. I’m so glad she moved toIMG_3960 Texas. I can’t wait for her to come visit Houston.

Our #GirlsTrip was quite fun. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Living life…and it’s good.

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