I’m Not Getting Any Younger


Going to work out…yes, you heard me correctly 😦

Okay, we all know that things start to fall apart when you start getting a little older. I noticed some changes when I hit 35. I was not happy to see 35 and my body is constantly reminding me that I’m not 23 anymore. As a nurse I LOVE to use the excuse of taking care of others as a reason for not taking care of myself. Truth is, I’m lazy! I am one of the laziest people you will ever meet when it comes to working out. I CANNOT commit to working out to save my life. Well, I haven’t been able to up to this point. However, I am going to stop being selfish and actually start taking care of this host I call my body. I’ve realized that at this point in life, it takes a different motivator to make me commit to such a thing. So my plan is to start slow…3 days per week. I have a personal trainer to help me reach my initial goals and I’m actually excited (even though the picture doesn’t look like I’m excited). I can already hear some of you talking crap about me because I’m already “small”…but guess what, little people have heart attacks too!

Now that I just told you how I’ll start working out, I’ll tell you about some great food! I just know I’ll have to work out “extra” when I enjoy my dining experiences. A few blogs ago, I talked about Grace’s and the incredible fried oyster salad. I’m only bringing it up because I’ve been back a couple of times and each experience has been amazing. I’ve had braised short ribs, crayfish mac & cheese, fried pork chops, even the wine is delicious. This is one place that I can’t seem to go wrong. I can’t wait to go again.

Last week, I met a gentleman at Cafe 4212. Monday night is jazz night so of course I’mIMG_3812 there. He’s from Europe and gave me some insight into so many fun things that are right up my alley. He invited me to an event put on by World Affairs Council (WAC). I decided to go because the topic was interesting: Ex CIA agent discussing safety while traveling abroad and how not to get kidnapped. Well, duh! Of course I wanted to hear what he had to say. Not only was it a great talk, but when I walked in, there was a spread of authentic international cuisine!  I was in heaven. I had nan, falafel, fatoush and I never thought I’d be happy to have kofte kebabs in my life. It was all so good. (To my friends in Doha, think of me the next time you have stuffed grape leaves.) He also introduced me to his wife and some friends, who thought he was telling a tale when he told them he’d met a beautiful woman and invited her to the event. I thought that was pretty funny. He certainly has a lovely wife and nice friends!

IMG_3816He also told me about the Miller Outdoor Theater. The #Houston #Symphony plays free concerts there and they were playing Mozart and Beethoven at upcoming concerts. I bought a little camping chair and Ubered to the theater and enjoyed a night under the stars listening to classical music. Again, reminiscent of my #Doha nights on the water overlooking the skyline with incredible #jazz artists filling the air with beautiful music. *Sigh*

**Random thought** Perhaps all the fun things I’m doing explains this repetitive dream I’m having. I keep dreaming that I’ve missed my flight to Doha. I currently have no plans to go to Doha but I’ve missed that flight in my dreams at least eight or nine time. Maybe all these Doha-like experiences are influencing my dreams….hmmmm

Okay, I’m back.

One thing about being in Houston is that it is a hub city. I’m looking forward to some international trips real soon. I’m sure I’ll do something quick to Mexico. I’ve also never been to Hawaii – I know, right – so I may go there before the end of the year. So many options! Don’t worry, you’ll go on the journey with me!

Living life…and it’s good.


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