Surprise! I Went to Portland


Glam Her 2017

Well folks, I had the opportunity to hop on a plane and spend Mother’s Day with the kid and make it to the Bradley Angle Glam Her #fundraiser. If you remember my last post, I talked about Bradley Angle a bit and mentioned that I’d recently donated some personal products to the organization. I’d also sponsored a table at the fundraiser and wasn’t planning to attend because of my move to Houston. As the stars aligned, I made it to the fundraiser and I got to take Jaden with me!

It was a fun filled night spent with some of my favorite colleagues, friends, and of course, the Queens! Jaden got to see his mom in rare form and it was so fun.


Julie, Amber & I

I have to give a shout out to Amber. She’s the best! Amber opened her home to Jaden and me and gave us a place to crash for my last minute travel plans. Thank you Amber and Alan! Can’t wait for you to visit me in Houston. It was a very quick trip and I’m so glad I made it. Again, check out the Bradley Angle site and consider a donation. They do amazing work in the community!

Back to #Houston…

After wrapping up my workweek at a coffee shop, I thought I’d explore the shops at #Rice Village. First, Mercantile, is the coffee shop I stopped by. It’s a quaint little place with great window seating for people watching. I had a cup of jasmine tea and peered out the window at the hustle and bustle before me. There are few things I enjoy more that relaxing in a such an environment. I sat back, sipped my tea and listened to Frank Sinatra fill the air.

From there, I went across the street to experience Torcy’s Tacos. I thought it must have been good after seeing the lunch crowd. My goodness! I was pleasantly surprised. I had a taco called the Democrat – a shredded beef taco topped with avocado. It was excellent. As a matter of fact, I thought about going to get another one the next day but I resisted. Next time though, I’ll make sure I ask for a corn tortilla. It’s just not right serving such a good taco on a flour tortilla. I also had the guacamole; served with fresh hot tortilla chips, it was delightful. And it had a little bit of a kick to it. Fabulous!


Best idea ever!

And then….I had no idea I was about to embark on a few hours of pure comedy and great conversation. I saw a cigar shoppe and thought I’d see what the selection was like. Briar Shoppe has one of the best selections of #cigars I’ve seen in quite some time: from Padrons to Dunhills, they have what you want. It’s also one of the few places in town in which you can bring your own food and drink if you’re a member. The atmosphere is just relaxing.

Sandra, who works at the cigar shoppe, took great care of me and was kind enough to introduce me to the “regulars”. There were 2 regulars there at the time of introduction and by the time I’d left, I’d been introduced to another 2 regulars. I had such a fun time! It’s one of those, you had to be there to really appreciate it, kind of experiences. When retired men smoking cigars have jokes, it’s the best! One of the things that I admired most about the experience is the bond these men have. Yes, they regularly meet to smoke cigars, but they also spend time together outside of that environment. From a wide range of ages and professions, it’s heartwarming to see. They also know how to treat a lady: from chocolate to bourbon, I was looked after. I can assure you that I’ll be spending some time at Briar Shoppe.

Finally, I went to a restaurant called La Griglia. It’s a very nice place with an excellent


He was tired of pictures 

menu selection. There’s a patio area and it looks like their happy hour is worth checking out. However, I only went for wine. I had a wonderful Malbec. It was smooth and full body. After the first glass, I realized it was the same #Malbec I had on the cruise. It’s a very nice wine. The highlight, however, was their coconut cream pie. Lord! It was amazing. I can see in my future, getting up late in the evening and going just for pie. Yup, that will be me!

It’s been fun exploring my new city. There’s so much to do and see and eat! I haven’t even scratched the surface. The kid will be here next weekend so I’m looking forward to what we will discover together.

Living life…..

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