Surprise! I Went to Portland


Glam Her 2017

Well folks, I had the opportunity to hop on a plane and spend Mother’s Day with the kid and make it to the Bradley Angle Glam Her #fundraiser. If you remember my last post, I talked about Bradley Angle a bit and mentioned that I’d recently donated some personal products to the organization. I’d also sponsored a table at the fundraiser and wasn’t planning to attend because of my move to Houston. As the stars aligned, I made it to the fundraiser and I got to take Jaden with me!

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I’m Feeling Some Kind of Way


2014-08-14 19.24.50This is Brittany. Beautiful, loving, and has a smile for the ages. A kind person with a heart of gold. She has three beautiful children that she adopted with her loving husband, Lane. Brittany has been one of those friends that I only see once a year or once every couple of years, along with the rest of the University of Tulsa #TU crew.

I remember one of our girls’ trip to #Denver. We stayed in the mountains and went out on snowmobiles. One of us, not me, kept driving off the edge into a ditch. The last time the snowmobile went into the ditch, all of us girls wondered how in the world we’d get that darn snowmobile out of the ditch. Then along came about 10 men, dressed in all black on black snowmobiles. They were there to rescue us! As each one removed their helmet, the next one cuter than the one before, all of us girls grinned sheepishly and played helpless. Yes, we did. It was like a scene from a movie. We still talk about that story whenever we get together.  Continue reading

Cruising On My Birthday


IMG_3458It’s been nearly three years since my last cruise. I thought about how relaxing it is to gently be rocked to sleep for seven consecutive nights. And who better to spend such a monumental occasion than with my best friend. Tamika and I set sail from Puerto Rico April 22nd on the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas. But nothing is without a little drama, right?

I called Tamika two nights before we were set to leave. In the midst of discussing her hotel, we discovered that she’d booked her flight to Miami….the cruise was leaving from Puerto Rico. After her moderate to severe panic, and the fact that she has friends who work at the airlines, she was able to change her flight to Puerto Rico. Whew! Continue reading