…and the new journey begins


Sneak peek at my new place! This is my little office space and half my wine.

Well folks, I’m on the plane to Houston, TX. Yes, I will become an official resident of TX today (4/12/17). Weird thought but I’ve already found some #sooner allies. I can’t wait until football season starts! #BOOMER

It’s been a very busy time making this move happen. I love logistics so planning the move was exciting. Putting my house on the market was the thing that made it seem so real. When the house sold in less than 2 weeks – I knew it was serious! I can’t go any further without recognizing my amazing realtor, Shelly Caswell with John L. Scott. Shelly was recommended to me by Shawn & David, my neighbors. She is incredibly knowledgable, professional, and on top of her game. I was confident through the entire process because of her expertise and experience. When it came down to 2 offers, she provided all the information I needed to make a sound decision. When you’re selling a home, your realtor can make all the difference. Thank God for her because she helped me through what should have been the most stressful part of this move. It’s gone off without a hitch!

I packed up my house over a three week period and used a POD to ship everything to Houston. That was a great process and I recommend it. It’s a bit pricey and the large container cannot hold a decent sized house. I’m glad I didn’t plan to take everything because I would have needed 2 PODS. Anyway, movers loaded it and movers will unload it when I get to Houston. I’ve asked my sister to help me unpack because I just couldn’t face another box alone. Thank goodness she’ll arrive from Kansas City at the same time I will arrive from Portland.

I had to hit up some final spots before I left the Pacific Northwest. Niche, a wine bar in downtown Vancouver, became my hangout 3 of the last 5 days. They have a fantastic red flight and I love the classic tarte. It’s a mouth full of goodness! Jaden and I went last night and he had a ginger beer with his tarte. Good times! 

I checked out an art show, had wine with a couple of friends, hit up happy hour at Heathman Lodge, and had chopped brisket at #Pohnahs Pit #BBQ. Man, I’ll miss the Pacific NW.

I would be remissed if I didn’t tell you how fantastic my team was to me at #OHSU as I departed. I was blown away by the kindness and sincerity in their parting words and actions. I am so happy I was able to lead the team for the time that I did. After hearing from them, I’m confident that I left the team better than I found it. The sweetest thing about it, it wasn’t hard to lead them because being a leader is about doing what’s right regardless of what others think. It’s about making connections and building relationships. I spent the last several hours of my time hand writing cards to all 100+ of my team members. It’s a little early for nurses’ week but I wanted to let them all know that I think the world of them. They are a solid team and they provide exceptional care in this crazy and demanding world of healthcare. Hats off to that team and to all nurses…especially those still at the bedside.

In closing, people are sometimes surprised when I tell them Jaden’s staying in WA. I am honoring his desires and am pleased that he is in a good enough place to allow me to honor mine. We have many memories in the home that he has known for the last 7 years. I hope he will reflect on those times fondly. I have reflected and will reflect more as time passes. I mean, Jaden introduced me to gardening at that house! Gardening has become my love and passion and my therapy. I’ll need something to fill that void….I could totally do an herb garden in the window at my new place.

Being a mother is both rewarding and challenging. I think about the things I didn’t have as a child and the life that I’ve provided for my son. It’s virtually night and day. I want nothing more than for Jaden to be a happy, healthy child who becomes a happy, healthy, productive, society-contributing adult. Yesterday, he and I had a conversation about social justice. Even though he’s at a #STEM school, I now see his passion is social justice. He’s always been the great debater so I’m looking forward to how he will contribute. My hope is that even with the distance between us, he will continue to develop that passion and I hope to support him in that endeavor and have meaningful dialogue regarding his passion. I love my son and I’m immensely proud of him. I am excited about his future.

Wheels down folks!

Living life and it’s good and I can’t wait to explore Texas!

One Response to “…and the new journey begins”

  1. Michelle

    I’m rolling through Houston at some point this summer. Hopefully, we can meet up!



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