A Tiny Bit of Seattle

I hit the road for the quick 2.5 hour drive to #Seattle. I met Quincy Phillip, CEO of Staff Only, in Doha. He’s a real stand up guy and will have you laughing like a crazy person! In his spare time, he’s the drummer in Roy Hargrove’s band. So when the band was scheduled to play at the fantastic Jazz Alley in Seattle, of course I had to check them out!

I stayed at the Sheraton downtown Seattle. Um…it was a mad house! Had I known they


This year’s gingerbread house theme was Harry Potter.

have an annual gingerbread house display, that apparently is attended by droves of people, I may have chosen a different hotel. Nonetheless, I made my way through the crowds and managed to check-in in a short period of time. It was a very nice hotel but not a @Kimpton – ya’ll know how much I love @Kimpton. Anyway, the bed was comfortable and the room was clean. That’s about all I can say about the Sheraton. Parking’s $56! Trust me, I didn’t park at the hotel.

The location was great though. It’s close to shopping and plenty of food. I wandered into Pacific Place and found a nifty little wine bar, Sixth Avenue Wine Seller. The ladies were delightful and the menu had a great variety of wines. I had a sangiovese from Italy that was perfect. They have a good selection of beer as well – but I don’t drink beer.

I stopped in at CJs and had a spectacular breakfast. Their French toast and fresh orange juice is still as good as I remember.

I checked out a couple of vintage and thrift stores while I was there too. Pretty Parlor is a must see. @PrettyParlor has some of the cutest things. I love a nice vintage slip and they have plenty. Their 1020s dresses are super sexy. I’ll certainly swing by this shop the next time I head to Seattle.

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to @Jazz_Alley. It’s still a great venue for jazz and they bring in some of the top performers. The atmosphere is relaxed, intimate and engaging. They have an extensive menu and I had steak which was actually well prepared. I haven’t had the best of luck eating at jazz clubs but this time wasn’t too bad. The key lime pie is pretty good too.

Look for the next blog soon. NYC!

Living life and it’s good!

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