Undefeated by the NY Subway!

I had great plans for my NYC experience yesterday. I had one big barrier: NYC Metro. A little something about me…I have a tiny phobia of mass public transportation. Yes, I am finally admitting this to the world. After taking a couple of Uber rides in NYC and having the drivers cancel rides and standing out in the cold waiting, I thought I’d give the metro a try. I mean, I was successful riding the Metro in other big cities. Although #TheTube in #London was too intimidating for me. I figured I’d try the NY subway but I would not  get on a bus. That’s my ultimate fear!

We walked the five blocks to the closest station and got our passes. I had the trip to the 9/11 Memorial mapped out on the app on my phone. I was good to go! Well, I’ll sum it for you quickly. After the first train, I went the wrong direction on the second train. Once I figured out which way we should go, there was construction so it bypassed our stop by 3 stops. We finally got off the train and was in Brooklyn, 3 miles away from our destination. We called Uber from Brooklyn so I still ended up paying for an Uber ride! What should have taken 25 minutes took us 2.5 hours! Yes, I was done! But I didn’t let the Metro defeat me. At the end of the day, we successfully took the Metro back to the hotel. *Sigh*


9/11 Memorial

Once we finally arrived to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, I was beyond ready to see it. It’s the one thing I wanted to make sure we experienced. I think it’s one of the most well done memorials and museums. The technology and the artifacts are astonishing. It’s a beautiful place and is respectful of the loss of life.

It’s such an overwhelmingly emotional experience. I fought back tears a few different times. All the images and recordings just took me right back to that day. Jaden wasn’t even born yet. The 9/11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing are part of my history. I lived through those experiences like many others and it was just odd to give my son the history lesson behind 2 of the most tragic events of my lifetime. It was all just a sobering experience.

From there we had worked up an appetite and found a tiny little restaurant on the second floor of a building called Suspenders, just a few block from the memorial. They had great reviews on Yelp so we headed over to the place. The creepy staircase left me wondering if we were in the right place. I finally tried a door and thankfully, we found the restaurant. There were two people sitting at the bar and the bartender seemed surprised to see us. I admit, I thought about leaving because it all felt very weird. However, we grabbed menus and took a table by the window.

We ordered calamari to start. Jaden had a giant burger and I ordered risotto. First, the food came out very fast…which it should when no one else is really in the place. The calamari was perfectly battered, fresh and hot. The homemade marinara sauce was the perfect complement. The risotto was delicious as well. I was pleased with this tiny unsuspecting place. To top it off, the service was excellent. They were a friendly bunch and made us feel welcome.

We made our way to Time Square. We exited the Metro right across from H&M. We


Jaden in Time Square

stepped inside of H&M because it was bitterly cold. What we stepped into was a party! With a deejay playing the hottest tunes on the second level, the place was jumping! I learned, however, that not all the clothing stores were as energetic and exciting in Time Square. We had a good time in H&M though. We wandered down the street and took in the flashy light and the huge crowd and found our way back to the Metro. We went to say we went. It’s probably a much better experience when it’s warmer and if you’re going to shop. I certainly get the hype though.

Lastly, I camped out at the bar in the hotel lobby. Mark was the bartender and was buckets of fun! He was engaging and made excellent drinks. I ordered scallops and they were superb! Shout out to Roger on the @Kimpton side. He’s great and I can tell he truly looks after guests. I finally got to go up to the rooftop lounge, The Press Lounge, on the 16th floor of the hotel. It’s a modern, romantic space with incredible views of the city. I’ll go one more time with my coat to take pictures!

Living life…and it’s so good!

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