NYC – I’m Hooked!

img_2536Many people have found it unbelievable that I’d never been to NYC. Yes, I’ve been across the world and never explored one of the most popular cities in the USA. Christmas in #NY seemed like a magical thought so I decided that a trip to the #BigApple was just what Jaden and I needed for Christmas.

Being the planner that I am, I sought out a @Kimpton Hotel several weeks ago and got an amazing deal at #Ink48 in Manhattan. Jaden and I arrived Friday afternoon after we opted to give up our seats for hefty airline vouchers. It must have been meant for us to take a later flight because I was happy to assist with an in flight emergency. Yup, I was enjoying my wonton soup from Bambuza. And the infamous, “If there are any medical personnel on board, would you please put your light on?”. I reached up pushed the button out of instinct and went right back to eating my delicious soup. I admitted that I was nurse when the flight attendant approached and headed to assess the situation.

The scene: elderly gentleman with a known cardiac condition was going in and out of consciousness. He and his party spoke Mandarin. He was about 5’8″ and 220lbs easy. Dan, who identified himself as an EMT, made eye contact with me and we went to work! I didn’t realize how much upper body strength I had but Dan and I carried this man to the back of the plane so we could have room; and I had his upper body! Anyway, I’ll spare you the details but it was the first time outside of the hospital that I was able to use the AED (defibrillator). However, he didn’t need to be shocked and we didn’t have to do CPR. After working him up, glucose was the cure. Unfortunately, there was no glucometer on board so we didn’t know our starting point. We prevented a diversion and got our guy back up and going for the duration of the flight. Dan and I had a PA working with us. I’ve never worked with PAs…that was interesting. I just want to say the the @Alaskair crew from flight #774 were rockstars! There was also a lady helping us in plain clothes. By the end of things, we learned she was an off duty flight attendant. She was so helpful! I thought she was a healthcare professional. The funny part is, I came back to my seat and Jaden was wondering why the flight attendants were giving me free stuff. He had no idea what had happened because he was asleep! I just save lives kid…that’s all I do! 😉

Ink48 is all that I would expect from a Kimpton Hotel. The beautiful boutique-style decor is evident upon entry. The lobby is beautiful and comfortable and wine hour is as exciting as ever. I really enjoy when they have special drinks at wine hour. Last night I had a spiked chai latte that they were serving up for the holiday season. It was fantastic. The customer service is what they are known for and they haven’t disappointed.

Jaden and I dined at the onsite restaurant: PRINT. I was surprised at the great price point for entrees. It didn’t break the bank. I had pistachio crusted halibut and shaved brussel sprouts. Jaden had a grilled porkchop that looked amazing. We started out with braised pork belly that was flavorful and with a bit of citrus included, it only enhanced the flavor. It was impressive. I really wanted to try the sweet potato donuts but I was too full!


Central Park

It snowed overnight the first night we arrived. I got up early to walk to CVS for snacks and got to see how the big city handles snow. It’s impressive! They really have it down to an art and if there wasn’t snow piled up on the side of the roads, you would have never known that it snowed. The cold weather didn’t deter us from exploring. We walked 5th Ave and took in the sights. I was amazed at some of the artistic window displays. The creative minds that create the window displays are on a whole other level. We also made our way to the Museum of Modern Art. We spent a couple of hours there and appreciated the variety. I love photography and they had enough to satisfy me. It was time well-spent.

Finally, we made our way to Dizzy’s Jazz Club at Jazz at Lincoln Center. After all the time I spent at Jazz at Lincoln Center in Doha, I was excited to see one of the best trumpet players, Bruce Harris, perform at the late night dance party. It was a lot of fun with great talented musicians. The views are amazing too.

Man, it seems we’ve done quite a bit during our first day and a half. There’s so much more to see!

Living life….and it’s good!

One Response to “NYC – I’m Hooked!”

  1. Nicola

    What a start to your NYC adventure! Well done!

    Snow in NYC on your Christmas weekend! Amazing!



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