Final Vegas Blog: Part III!


Fremont Street

Wow so I had a great time while in #Vegas over the thanksgiving holiday. It was certainly a break from tradition and I enjoyed every moment of it. I took time to get off the strip which was vital to staying sane for 6 days in Vegas.

I took the hour plus drive out to Red Rock Canyon. It was an easy ride and Vegas has great highways. The line to get into the canyon was a bit long and it took about 15 minutes to get through. Then it was a picturesque drive through the canyon. There’s some construction currently happening along the roads of the canyon so it was a slow drive in initially. The views were spectacular and it was very peaceful. There are hiking trails and picnic areas. It was a nice break from the city lights and I’m glad I had a chance to


Red Rock Canyon

see it.

I also went out to the Hoover Dam. This too was a pretty quick drive out. The traffic was horrid though once you pass the security checkpoint. There was quite a bit of parking that was closed as well so parking was an issue. However, I got to see some great views and I saw the sunset from the dam and it was gorgeous. There’s so much history around the building of the dam. I learned something!

A must see spot is the Fremont Street Experience. It’s down on Fremont – of course. There’s food and live entertainment and lots of street performers. I did take a picture with my favorite street performer. Not only was he dressed to impress, he was funny as heck!  I dipped into a couple of casinos down on Fremont and lost some money in the slot machines. But I do have my limits. It was fun while it lasted!

A highlight of my trip was a visit to the Mob Museum. I didn’t even know such thing existed. It’s near Freemont St. so if you’re down that way, check it out. It’s a very detailed history of the Mafia in the US. There are pretty graphic videos and images and very educational. It’s a significant part of history that people just don’t talk about. Great lesson in history.

This concludes my Vegas blogs. I had a great time in Vegas and can’t wait to go back.

Living life…and it’s good.

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