Vegas Baby! Round I

Remember my Direct Flights Only blog post? Well  Vegas qualifies as one of those direct flight trips. I happened to see the Soul Train Music Fest ad featuring Anthony Hamilton, Tyrese and Jill Scott. I’ve wanted to see @missjillscott and Anthony Hamilton was a bonus. So guess what? I booked it.

It’s been 17 years since I was in Vegas and that was before the Vegas slogan: What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. Thankfully, even though the slogan was many years away, there was still the silent code of the same. But a much older and more mature me in Vegas wasn’t too bad. I only had 3 drinks!

I stayed at the Mandalay Bay hotel since the concert was in the attached convention center. Like all things in Vegas, the hotel is massive. For me it was a cross between a cruise ship and the Atlantis Resort. The room was great. I can’t get over the cleanliness. It’s probably one of the cleanest and well maintained hotels I’ve stayed in. The bed was just okay but the linens were great.

I ate at a couple of places on site. One was the Irish Pub, Ri Ra, that’s open 24 hours. I had the stew which was very good. And they had live music that was good. I’m kind of a sucker for live music. I also ate at RM Seafood. That was a great experience for many reasons: the price, the service, the taste of the food. They actually offered a business express lunch that was only $28 for a 3 course meal. That’s a steal anywhere in Vegas and it took me back to my #Doha days of express lunches. I had clam chowder, skirt steak with fried rice, and key lime pie. I was glad I stopped in to partake.

About the concert. Well, Anthony Hamilton rocked it. His whole band is just clean. They were well choreographed and they sounded great. Jill, cool. The band was rocking and again, the choreography adds such depth for me. It was fun.  As for @Tyrese, I was disappointed. If he could get over his ego, it would have been better. His set wasn’t cohesive and it was unnecessarily loud…probably to distract from the fact that he hadn’t rehearsed. He announced that he missed sound check. But he kept saying turn up the music. *sigh. I was really disappointed. He is a fan favorite though. I’ll just watch him on the big screen.

The people watching was the best. From Michael Jackson to David Copperfield wannabes, I had great laughs watching the dance floor.

I went to Brooklyn Bowl. It is an incredible venue! The square footage is insane. There’s a bowling alley, restaurants, and a concert hall. It was quiet when I was there but I could only image what it’s like when it’s rocking! The food was good (calamari, hummus) and the Arnold Palmer was perfect.

It was good to catch up with a friend I met in Doha too. I can’t believe it was nearly two years ago that I brought in the new year with Simply Irresistible Band in Doha. Oh how time flies!

All in all, it was a fun 26 hours in Vegas!

Living life and it’s good!

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