Tulsa through A Different Lense

Fun people at the Mayo


I’ve found that I’m less likely to announce where I’m going these days. It was a bit of fun for me this time around. I took a long weekend and went home to Tulsa. Anyone who knows me knows that Tulsa is my least favorite place to visit but I made the best of it. I can say I actually had fun!

I was able to surprise my ex-in laws whom I love dearly. It was great to see them and I actually got a meal out of the deal. The chances of Mom C having cooked on the night I popped up was sheer luck on my part. I had a nice helping of ox tails and peas. Yes, if you don’t know about ox tails and peas, find someone who does! But make sure they know how to cook them! It was great food!

I also got to hang with my big sister. All I can say is she’s quite a lot of fun these days. She took me to the Mayo Hotel Penthouse Bar. It had a feel of the roof top bars in the Middle East that are all too common over there. The deejay played all the hits, old and new; and I haven’t danced so much in ages! It was just what I needed. I even put on a costume! Whoa! Oh and the pear-tini is fantastic!

Running into a childhood friend was also a highlight. It was like we hadn’t skipped a beat in 25 years! Amazing. Such a beautiful woman!

A big part of the weekend was helping a friend execute a vision.  When people truly have a heart to give back, it’s admirable and should move others to action. While exhausting, helping for a good cause was well worth it. And to see happy kids and thankful parents is priceless. Big shout out to my sister who is the queen of decorating and creativity and didn’t disappoint.

Of course I had to eat some Tulsa food. It’s been years since I’ve eaten at Rubicon. It’s basically a baked potato place. I tried the chicken potato and the shrimp potato. They were both very good. I can do without the sauce though.  I think it’s a bit pricey too. I was introduced to Mooksky’s, a sandwich place. Great sandwiches. The Cajun one was spicy; again sauce was a barrier for me. Maybe I’m discovering that I’m not big on sauces. I also found a juice bar near St. John’s.  Ediblend has a great variety of juices. Many have cayenne pepper which ads quite a kick. Nevertheless they weren’t too bad. The Brussels sprout salad was pretty good.

And lastly, I learned that a dear acquaintance of mine was recently married. I wish him and his new bride well. Life is certainly full of detours but the key is to pick up the treasures along the way and discard the rest. I’m thankful for the discernment to know the difference between the two.

Living life and it’s so good!

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