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Vegas Baby! Round I

Remember my Direct Flights Only blog post? Well  Vegas qualifies as one of those direct flight trips. I happened to see the Soul Train Music Fest ad featuring Anthony Hamilton, Tyrese and Jill Scott. I’ve wanted to see @missjillscott and Anthony Hamilton was a bonus. So guess what? I booked it.

It’s been 17 years since I was in Vegas and that was before the Vegas slogan: What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. Thankfully, even though the slogan was many years away, there was still the silent code of the same. But a much older and more mature me in Vegas wasn’t too bad. I only had 3 drinks! Read more

Tulsa through A Different Lense

Fun people at the Mayo


I’ve found that I’m less likely to announce where I’m going these days. It was a bit of fun for me this time around. I took a long weekend and went home to Tulsa. Anyone who knows me knows that Tulsa is my least favorite place to visit but I made the best of it. I can say I actually had fun!

I was able to surprise my ex-in laws whom I love dearly. It was great to see them and I actually got a meal out of the deal. The chances of Mom C having cooked on the night I popped up was sheer luck on my part. I had a nice helping of ox tails and peas. Yes, if you don’t know about ox tails and peas, find someone who does! But make sure they know how to cook them! It was great food! Read more

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