Beautiful Vancouver BC


Granville Island

I’ve lived in the Pacific NW for 7 years now and Vancouver BC has been a place I’ve had on my list of cities to visit. After spending the last 8 months in the US, I was excited to leave the country again, even though it was just an hour flight away.

As you all have come to learn, I’m a firm believer in using points to travel. So for $121 flight, I spent the weekend in BC, using points to cover the hotel and earning double points dining out. I love a good deal! I stayed at the Sheraton at Wall Centre which was in a great location. It was close to the hop on hop off stop and the famous Robson St.– the street with the high end shops perfect for window shopping!


The Market

The food was great! The one thing I’ve missed about living abroad is the exposure to great food – although Portland does have some good food. My first night, I just hung out at the hotel bar and had some baby back ribs. They were a bit spicy but they were good. They reminded me of Asian style BBQ ribs. I dined at a local favorite: The Keg Steakhouse. Great food! And great dining experience. I basically got my entree free because my
steak was overcooked. That was a nice surprise. I also found The Market by Jean-Georges. Ahhh! I was so happy to enjoy the same dish that I got in Doha on a regular basis: salmon, mashed potatoes and snap peas. It brought joy to my little heart! The cocktails were excellent as well. If you have a chance to eat at the Market – anywhere in the world – I’d recommend you check it out.



I was moved by this piece. Castings of sex workers. 

The highlight of my trip was the visit to the the Vancouver Art Gallery. They currently have a Picasso exhibit. It was the most comprehensive and fascinating Picasso exhibit I’ve ever seen. Every other museum across the world that I’ve been to with Picasso pieces, there were only a few pieces. The Vancouver exhibit was an entire floor of paintings, sketchings, sculptures, and videos. It was fascinating. Anyway, I’m no art expert but  I enjoyed wandering through that exhibit.

On my way back to the hotel, a local church had a sign outside “Jazz Vespers every Sundayimg_2091 4-5pm” I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I wandered in and sat on the back pew. I enjoyed the music of a quartet for about half an hour then headed back to the hotel. I love not having an agenda…

There are many things to do in Vancouver and I didn’t even scratch the surface. Perhaps I’ll make it back before another 7 years pass. Two things that I didn’t appreciate about the visit: there is no Uber services in Vancouver and the locals weren’t very friendly. Nevertheless, I was delighted to be surrounded by people from all over the world. It’s crazy how diverse things become when I leave theimg_2081 states.

Well, I’m heading back to Orlando for the Magnet Conference. I’m very excited to have a chance to attend a national conference. I’m always inspired by other nurses who love what they do and are willing to share best practices. I’m thankful for the opportunity. I also get to go to Universal Studios! I can’t wait!

Until next time…living life…and it’s good.

Do you #Thrive?


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  1. Alisa

    Hi Kendra! I have some pieces in the shop you might love as we enter the holiday season. Special event thursday Nov. 3rd, 6:30-10 as we bring out our little black dresses cocktail dresses along with some bubbly to drink. Let me know if you want to attend:)



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