Exploring Portland


Naches, WA

I just can’t get enough of this place. I’ve had a wonderful time over the last several weeks just getting back into the groove of being in the Pacific Northwest. From hanging out on the Island with my neighbors to eating great food enjoying great music and meeting new people, it’s been good. I think this is where I’m meant to be. I’ve fully embraced living out here and really can’t imagine living in any other part of the US.

I’ve had a super fun-filled 2 weeks. It started off with the Vancouver Six to Sunset Concert Series. For six weeks, Esther Short Park is filled with people, good food and good music. Opening night featured Portland’s own Nu Shooz. When they sang their hit I Can’t Wait, it brought back memories! I love that song. I admit, I don’t think I knew any of their other songs but I enjoyed it. It all felt so right lounging in a lawn chair being rained on. Awe, the Pacific NW rain!

The next night I enjoyed a special dinner by Chef Max at my wine club TeSAria. Now, Chef Max has always treated me to spectacular desserts. this time, he and his sous chef delivered a three course meal (side note: Chef Max has fabulous hair!). It was very good. It was my first time having Ahi Poke. They also whipped up an amazing octopus dish and I enjoyed it with great wine and good company. It was my first time tasting the Bella Bianca, a crisp white that really complimented the seafood dish. It was sweet enough but nice and dry. There was also 3 couples at my table and the value of networking is priceless. We all hit it off. So much so that the next night…


IG: arejaydub69 – Photo Credit: olykazphotography

I went to the Star Theater to see one of the lady’s brother play in a band. The venue is cool. There isn’t a ton of seating but I love the way it’s set up. There’s also a balcony with tabled seating as well. I was fortunate enough to sit with the family so I had a great seat! Now, I can’t remember the name of the band. I know…that sucks. But her brother was cool and hey played the heck out that bass.

From there, I enjoyed the spectacular show at Darcelle’s featuring none other than the great Poison Waters! What fun! It was my first drag show and I never knew it was a thing to have your bachelorette party at a drag show. There were 12 bachelorette parties that night! Once the drag queens finished, there was a little something extra for the ladies. Then I put 2 and 2 together regarding the bachelorette parties. Good times!


Poison Waters

I also went to eastern WA to witness a beautiful wedding. Two of my good friends exchanged vows in a gorgeous ceremony. The rolling green grass stretched on and we were surrounded by the desert mountains. It was such a tranquil place. It was certainly a highlight for me to be in attendance. Surrounded by nothing but love…it was great! Congratulations Donnie & Brian!

With all the fun and excitement, I have spent an equal amount of time relaxing on my deck and enjoying beautiful sunsets. The weather here is incredible and I’m thankful for each evening I can sit out and enjoy my surroundings. I’ve managed to redo my garden area and I’m down to 3 raised beds. Since the cat is gone, I have what I need to grow some cool weather vegetables in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to lettuce, peas, and broccoli and perhaps I can get on with my garden therapy.

And finally, I want to express how valuable friendship is. I think many of us use that word loosely. Whether you do or not, you know there are people in your life that will truly be there for you no matter what. They don’t judge you, they don’t sabotage you and they don’t just say what you want to hear. And if you need anything, they’ll do what they can to help you without expecting anything in return. They are true friends. In thinking about this, I’ve been reminded of who I am to some in regard to being a friend. I never really get a chance to see myself through the eyes of others but recently I have. It takes a lot for me, when I hear positive things about myself, to “let it land”. I think being able to live a life of happiness has only brought out the best in me. It’s refreshing to be happy and I’m in a great place…

Still living life and it’s good and I’m Thriving!

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