My Therapy Is Not Going Well


IMG_0917One thing I looked forward to in moving back home is gardening. Gardening had become my therapy over the years and living in the desert, I didn’t do so well attempting to grow anything in Doha. Each houseplant I had in Doha died. So you can imagine how excited I was to get home just in time to ready my raised beds and look forward to a great harvest this spring and summer.

Well, things have not been going according to plan because this year the neighborhood has a little problem: cats. I began to notice random holes being dug in my raised beds. I talked to neighbors and they had similar complaints. A cat had began to poop in their raised bed and soon it pooped in mine! I learned that the cat belonged to a new neighbor and went to talk to them…twice. They have indoor dogs and let me know that when the cat is in the house, he doesn’t play well with the dogs. I mean, come on! So now the new neighbors have made their outdoor cat the entire neighborhood’s problem. *Sigh Continue reading