I Enjoy Hosting!


2 Crawford Women

I’m always quick to invite people to the Pacific Northwest because it’s such a beautiful part of the country and I want everyone to experience it. Since I’ve been home, not only have I hosted one sister and 2 nephews, I hosted another sister as well! My sister got a special Pacific NW experience…I took her hiking!

There’s a trail in the Columbia Gorge that I love to take people to: Wahcella Falls. It’s a bit of a drive – 45 minutes – but it’s so worth it. To be surrounded by nature and take in the beauty of it all is an experience that everyone should have. The moss covered trees and the quiet stream is so peaceful. There’s also a beautiful surprise at the turning point. It makes the hike worth it. So yes, my sister who is an avid exerciser, went hiking for the first time. I tell


Enjoying Nature

you, it was a bit much for her! However, she enjoyed it.

I also took her to the farmer’s market. @VancouverUS has one of the best farmer’s markets I’ve experienced. You must have a @MightyBowl if you visit @VancouverUS. It’s just a bowl full of freshness! Of course we visited the WaffleWindow to partake in one of the best things ever! And my sister found a fabulous dress at my favorite vintage shop, Most Everything. It was a short visit for her and I wished she could have stayed longer.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being hosted. I made my way to Dallas and had a chance to spend time some with very hospitable people. I experienced my first crawfish boil and it was all that I dreamed it would be! Being surrounded by good people, good fun and good laughs is something we all


A Whole Lot of Deliciousness

need regularly in our lives. Thanks for the hospitality Dallas folks! I shall return the favor!

Lastly, I have to share a story that I can chuckle about. My son and I share our home; just the two of us. This is a recent change. Last night as we were both in our rooms with our doors closed. I got a text from him asking did I hear a noise. I’d heard something but I thought it was him returning to his room. As my heart began to pound, I was thinking that I needed to protect my son! This was the first time there was a “noise” and there was no man in the house to “protect” us. As we exchanged text messages and prepared our attach, I was a bit nervous. I briefly considered calling my neighbor but it was well after midnight. The one thing that helped is that I knew the alarm was on but I had left earlier and left some windows open. We met in the hall and each had a bat. As we went room to room, I began to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Jaden was ready with his bat though. We cleared the house and each returned to our rooms. Luckily, there was no intruder. I’ve decided I should stop watching Criminal Minds before bed.


I’m Thriving!

Living Life and It’s Good and I’m #Thriving


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