The Star of the Show


Thor, Jaden & Amir in Bremerton

I have had the pleasure of hosting my sister and 2 nephews for nearly three weeks. It has been great! And the star of the show has been my 2 1/2 year old nephew, Amir. He is sweet as pie and a handful all at the same time. It’s amazing how much I saw him grow in just a short time; from eating more to speaking much more clearly. I’m still having a hard time getting him to put “Auntie” in front of Kendra but we’ll get there eventually. I’ve also never seen anyone eat so many peanut butter crackers! It was also great when he overflowed the toilet! Yes… having a toddler around keeps everyone on their toes. I’ll miss his little good morning hugs.

What was the most delightful to me was Amir’s odd habit of playing dead. Yes, that sounds strange and it is. It’s actually pretty funny though. The first time he did it, I was totally confused. Then I learned that he does this at certain times: when he doesn’t want to do what he’s supposed to do, when he thinks he’s going to get in trouble and when he’s not getting enough attention. This act happened at some of the most random places: grocery store parking lot, middle of a residential street, at the vintage store and randomly around the house. I decided early on to take a picture each time he played dead. Just look at the photo collage and you’ll see what I mean.


The Great Actor – Amir

It was also wonderful to have a newborn in the house. Jalil is so sweet. He’s a pretty quiet baby and super wiggly. I spent so much time toting him around and rocking him to sleep. I just didn’t want to let him go back home. It’s been quite some time since I’ve spent so much time with a newborn. I was smitten!

Having my sister here was great too. Thanks Mica for being so helpful while you were here. I think we made a good house cleaning team! I wish we would have had a few more days to check out more of the area. Next time…for sure.

The last night they were here, Mica, Jaden and I – with Jaden leading the way – made dinner. We made the ravioli dish that Jaden and I learned to make in Rome last summer. It was an all day event but it was a lot of fun. This was Jaden’s third time making the ravioli and he continues to improve with each preparation. Chef Andrea would have been proud though! I made a couple of sweet potato pies too. Yes, doesn’t really go IMG_0462with Italian food but do we really need a reason for sweet potato pie? Nah!

Anyway, I’m still looking forward to my first hike since being home. Jaden won’t go with me so I need a hiking partner. Any takers? Let me know! Hiking in the Pacific NW is phenomenal.

Until next time…


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