Back In the ‘Couve

IMG_0153Life back in the US has been much better than anticipated. I truly fell in love with being abroad and I read plenty of articles on repatriation. I expected to have some longing to return to Doha, especially since I always felt that way when I left Doha. However, so far, things are going well. It’s been pleasant.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time spring cleaning and preparing my raised beds for gardening. I’m excited to get back into my garden and I have great plans this year. I’ve decided to dive into canning more and I’m hoping that goes well. I’ve gotten back to composting as well.

Getting reacquainted with my son has been phenomenal. It’s amazing the young adult he is becoming. He has such personality and he really makes me laugh. I’m discovering his gifts and I hope to help cultivate those so he can become the best person he can be.

I went to a party at my neighbor’s house. It was as good as old times. Champagne parties are a must do! We also got to use the gift I gave them…It conveniently pours 6 shots at once in a very pretty contraption. You can click here to see the video. It was great seeing friends.

This past weekend Jaden and I went to Bremerton to see the family. Part of that trip was to go see #TheComedyGetDown with @GeorgeLopez @RealDLHughley @charliemurphy @EddieGriffinCom & @CedEntertainer at #KeyArena in #Seattle . It was a pretty great show and I needed a good laugh. I stayed at a @Kimpton hotel the #HotelVintage to be exact. As you’ve heard from me before, @Kimpton didn’t disappoint. #WineHour was superb as always and the room was comfortable and clean. I was truly happy with my stay there.

Currently, my sister and her two young children are visiting. It’s fun having a two year old and a newborn in the house. It sucks having a vehicle with 4 seats! Anyway, I love having visitors. I love introducing people to this part of the country. The Pacific Northwest is so beautiful and there’s so much to do. The food is pretty darn good too.

Speaking of food…I’m cooking for Easter. Well, I don’t really need a reason to cook but I’ll say this meal is for Easter. Menu: prime rib, dressing, asparagus and potatoes. Jaden has the honor of making his nana’s pound cake. The last time he made it, it was fantastic! He also cooked dinner last night: BBQ chicken on the grill, sautéed kale and fried potatoes. It was delicious! I so appreciate the fact that he can cook. I know he will never go hungry.

Just for fun, as I’ve been falling back into a routine, I’ve compiled a list of things I didn’t realize I missed until I came home…

  • Doing laundry without my clothes being destroyed
  • Walking into a local store and buying a bottle of wine
  • Seeing pork in the stores (now I don’t eat as much…not even bacon)
  • Good Charmin toilet paper (in the blue pack)
  • Grass – even with weeds in it
  • Recycling
  • Overcast
  • Seeing familiar cooking ingredients
  • Couponing
  • Watching the sunsets from my back deck

Yeah, I’m glad to be home. I’m settling back in and I’m living life!


One Response to “Back In the ‘Couve”

  1. Anonymous

    Welcome back! I now have the Doha blues but remind my self of all the things missed as you mentioned –
    How about a nice sunset with clouds!
    Good to hear from you

    Liked by 1 person


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