That Was Fun!

IMG_2622My last two weeks in #Doha were great. I was so glad that Ravyn had the chance to come visit. I chuckle at the thought of the only two people who made it over to visit were the two least likely people I would have ever thought would make it: Ravyn and my mom. I’m happy they were both able to experience a different country (2 actually), experience new things, learn a different culture and eat great food.

As I prepared to pack my 18 months of living abroad into as few suitcases and boxes as possible, I was busy getting cleared to actually leave the country. It’s quite the process to leave but thankfully it all went off without a hitch. For those who are curious, I shipped one small box home and between Ravyn and myself, I managed to fit my things into 3 checked bags and 2 carry ons. So I didn’t have to pay for extra baggage and my bags weren’t over the weight limit. Thanks Ravyn! Luckily, I’d taken 2 bags home 2 weeks earlier. It’s amazing how much stuff I accumulated in 18 months.

Ravyn and I spent some time at the souq. I wasn’t sure if she liked it but we went back a second time at her request. I took her to my regular spots and introduced her to the shop salesmen. As Ahmed did when I brought Jaden by, he offered Ravyn and I tea and we sat and chatted a bit. I convinced another worker to show me his stash of “Designer Handbags” that were behind the counter. I always find that funny when they begin to pull stuff from behind the counter. We found some cool fabric for close to nothing. It was a great experience and the souq will always be one of my fonder memories of living in Doha.

We spent a couple of days in #Dubai. We did many of the same things that mom and I did. This time though, I knew how to get to the Burj Khalifa. We went to the #BurjKhalifa on a Friday during the day and there weren’t many people there. That was a very nice benefit. I of course ran into the glass door trying to get through one of the circular doors. Ravyn will never let me live that down, even though I ran into it because I was trying to make sure she was all the way in and wasn’t getting smashed. It’s okay though. I can laugh at myself.
I’m sure we lost a couple of pounds walking around the #DubaiMall too. That place is ridiculously big. I think we managed to get out of there without buying anything though.

We took a tour to #AbuDhabi one day while in the #UAE. It was a convenient experience but it was a little rushed. We stopped at a museum but everything in it was for sale. It was really a tourist trap. We made a pit stop at #FerrariWorld. We grabbed a couple of souvenirs and headed back out. We drove by some landmarks and attractions and finished up at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It was my second time there but it was just as beautiful.

I took Ravyn sand dune bashing with some friends. She seemed to really enjoy that. For those who don’t know, we ride in an SUV and slide down sand dunes forward, backward and sideways and drive really fast. There are times you feel you may roll over in the vehicle and your life is in danger but it’s lots of fun! It was my second time and it was way better than the first time!

As all the fun was being had with Ravyn, I was silently dreading all the goodbyes/see you laters I would have to give over the days ahead. That part of being an expat sucks! Royally! Under normal circumstances, I’m not one to bond with people quickly and develop such good friendships and relationships. Part of being an expat though, it’s funny how quickly one grows friendships. Person after person I said goodbye/see you later to and shared one last coffee/meal in Doha with them. Even the places that I frequented…they too had become a part of my life…a part of my norm. It was a sad time for me even though I was looking forward to being home with Jaden.

I spent one last evening at the #Jazz club too. That place was truly my second home in Doha. I have such great memories @JALCDoha and met some truly wonderful people.

Now, Doha is in my past and I’m looking forward to what’s next as I begin a new chapter in my life.

Living life y’all! And it’s so good!

One Response to “That Was Fun!”

  1. aolson2511

    I missed saying good bye and perhaps that is ok. I will look forward to another “hello” in the future. You are an amazing woman and my life is better having met you. I will be leaving Doha mid-May and I too look forward to the next chapter in this journey called life! Take care my friend!



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