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Back In the ‘Couve

IMG_0153Life back in the US has been much better than anticipated. I truly fell in love with being abroad and I read plenty of articles on repatriation. I expected to have some longing to return to Doha, especially since I always felt that way when I left Doha. However, so far, things are going well. It’s been pleasant.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time spring cleaning and preparing my raised beds for gardening. I’m excited to get back into my garden and I have great plans this year. I’ve decided to dive into canning more and I’m hoping that goes well. I’ve gotten back to composting as well. Continue reading Back In the ‘Couve

Last Pics from Abroad



That Was Fun!

IMG_2622My last two weeks in #Doha were great. I was so glad that Ravyn had the chance to come visit. I chuckle at the thought of the only two people who made it over to visit were the two least likely people I would have ever thought would make it: Ravyn and my mom. I’m happy they were both able to experience a different country (2 actually), experience new things, learn a different culture and eat great food. Continue reading That Was Fun!