Last Flight to Doha!

DSCN2797.jpgFebruary 12th, I boarded my last flight to Doha. It was a bittersweet moment yet, I was ready to go so I could wrap things up. With me is my niece, Ravyn. Ravyn’s been saving to come and visit me since I moved overseas and I’m excited that she’s finally getting the opportunity for this international trip. We spent four hours flying to Chicago, in which I slept the entire time; then an 8 hour layover and a 12 hour flight to Doha. It was an uneventful flight and that’s always a good thing.

We landed and proceeded through passport control, collected our mostly empty bags from baggage claim and were greeted by Solomon, my driver whom I’ve come to know so well. It was the last time I’d be greeted by a familiar face at the Hamad International Airport. We drove to my residence and Ravyn was wowed by the view from the 49th floor. A view I’ll certainly miss.

The next morning, I prepared for my last official day of work. I went in to have paperwork completed said some goodbyes and some see-you-laters. It was a surreal day as I passed by many offices that were previously occupied by people I have come to know over the last 18 months. Yet, I am euphorically happy to close a chapter in my life that has been one of the best chapters.

I’ve spent nearly the last 2 weeks playing tour guide. I have always enjoyed that role no matter where I am. Ravyn and I have gone to several of my favorite restaurants. She’s had a camel burger, which I still haven’t tried. She’s been exposed to the many malls of the Middle East…impressive. She’s met some of my Doha friends. We had tea at the souq with one of the shop owners. I’ve become a familiar face at many venues and people have been so kind. I’ll miss the kindness I’ve encountered while here.

I just wanted to touch base with you! I’ll post again…more info on what Ravyn and I did while she was here. Photos to come as well.

Less than 48 hours to go…

Living life and it’s good.


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