Hanging In Doha

Sun and WaterThis new year is off to a pretty good start. I’ve had time to hang out with friends and just relax. I’m not a resolutions person but I was invited to a Vision Board party. I’ve never done a vision board but with my previous scrapbooking skills I dived right in. It’s different than resolutions in my mind. Some of the things that I included on board are: travel, career advancement, financial strength, community involvement and last but certainly not least…much more focus on the kid. At the gathering we also had an opportunity to reflect back on 2015 and that was a meaningful exercise. I learned a lot and did a lot. 2015 was a great year!

I also made it out to the Jazz Club @JALCDoha to see some artists that I met nearly a year ago. It was so good to see Ms. @AkuaAllrich and Mr. Quincy Phillips of #StaffOnly notoriety. I met some new cats too. The band was swingin’! And I loved every minute of it.

We finally had a residents’ reception in the New Z lounge on the 61st floor in my building. As previously described, the place is very nice with amazing views. As I sat at the bar in the very last seat and gazed out the window, taking in the beauty of the night landscape, I smiled. I let the music fade in the background and took it all in. I have really fallen in love with Doha and all it’s idiosyncrasies. It was a good night at the Z Lounge. So good, I paid for it the next day.

I had a very interesting experience recently. I’ve heard about the jewelry lady and I’m so glad I didn’t ask to meet her before. Some of the girls have had diamond parties where the lady comes and shows a lot of jewelry, mostly diamonds. The prices are ridiculously cheap! Compared to what we pay in the US. And yes, they are real diamonds. So last night, she came to my suite. Her and her husband came toting a ridiculous amount of diamonds and they will even custom make pieces. I was in heaven! There were certainly many beautiful pieces and I just couldn’t get over the fact that they just come to your house! I loved it! Only in Doha!

Did I mention that I’ll be in the states for a few weeks? Yep, US bound!


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