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Last Flight to Doha!

DSCN2797.jpgFebruary 12th, I boarded my last flight to Doha. It was a bittersweet moment yet, I was ready to go so I could wrap things up. With me is my niece, Ravyn. Ravyn’s been saving to come and visit me since I moved overseas and I’m excited that she’s finally getting the opportunity for this international trip. We spent four hours flying to Chicago, in which I slept the entire time; then an 8 hour layover and a 12 hour flight to Doha. It was an uneventful flight and that’s always a good thing. Read more

Goodbye Doha


Me & the Kid

Just to warn you, this will probably be long.

Today’s my son’s 14th birthday (Feb. 5th) and my current situation is that I am at his birthday party which is a lock-in at a gaming venue with seven teenage boys. They are having a ball and it’s actually fun for me to see them all enjoying themselves. I’ve found my spot in the corner with a 50″ TV watching documentaries on #Netflix, listening to the exciting playlist of today’s youth, relaxing in a super comfy recliner, and blogging. I may go get a little Guitar Hero in with the boys in a bit but I’m pretty good right now. Read more

Hanging In Doha

Sun and WaterThis new year is off to a pretty good start. I’ve had time to hang out with friends and just relax. I’m not a resolutions person but I was invited to a Vision Board party. I’ve never done a vision board but with my previous scrapbooking skills I dived right in. It’s different than resolutions in my mind. Some of the things that I included on board are: travel, career advancement, financial strength, community involvement and last but certainly not least…much more focus on the kid. At the gathering we also had an opportunity to reflect back on 2015 and that was a meaningful exercise. I learned a lot and did a lot. 2015 was a great year! Read more

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