My Visit to Thailand


Sunset Bird 2Recently, someone asked me about my dream job. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I love a nice hotel and I really enjoy good food. So if someone would pay me to visit nice hotels and eat at nice restaurants, that would certainly be a dream. The second answer I gave was that I’d love  to buy a piece of beachfront property in Thailand and become a novelist. I’m not real sure why I thought that was a good idea since I’d never visited Thailand and don’t have the creative imagination to become a novelist. However, now that I’ve been to #Thailand,  I think I could totally live on the beach and write all day. Yeah…dream job number 2!

Thailand is a beautiful country. It’s the greenest country I’ve visited since moving abroad. Peering through the airplane window as I landed brought me joy. The trees and mountainous terrain, the flowers and other foliage; it’s pretty. And it’s clean. I can’t tell you how nice and peaceful the people of Thailand are. They are just sweet spirited people with good energy. (Except the cashier at McDonald’s who automatically gave me a coke without asking what I wanted and then got an attitude because I wanted a sprite after she’d served me a coke). This peaceful vacation was just what I needed.

It’s been years since I’ve stayed at a @Marriott property. I stayed at the JW Marriott in Khao Lak at the recommendation of colleagues. It’s  a one hour and twenty minute drive from the Phuket airport. I arrived mid evening and was met at the airport by a driver. I was expecting a car but instead had a 12 passenger, very comfortable van all to my self. It was an easy ride and I had a chance to take in some of the scenery before darkness fell.

Upon arrival to the hotel I was greeted and quickly checked in because I was fifteen minutes away from my first spa appointment at Quan Spa. As mentioned before, it appears that many places in the world greet their guests with a welcoming drink. Yes, I had one in #KhaoLak and yes it was great. Anyway, I made it via golf cart to my spa appointment where several ladies greeted me enthusiastically. They had been waiting for me.

My first spa treatment was a 90 minute signature massage. It was a combinationIMG_2579 of Thai, heat and deep tissue. It was wonderful in a relaxed and serene setting. When I finished and went to check out, I saw the mother of all signs: “Early Bird Spa Specials: 40% 9am – 1pm”. Now, it was already a bargain because it’s Thailand. I’d gotten 25% off the first massage. Let me just say this…I had a spa treatment each morning and my last morning I was there for 3 hours!

This trip was really about relaxing and I did that very well. I spent an afternoon at the Infinity pool bar and had an amazing strawberry smoothie. Then I made my way to the beach. My colleague spotted an elephant from afar so we went to investigate. We fed him bananas and he dropped a nice blob of liquid down my

Feeding the Elephant

The big guy slobbered or snotted on me.

leg. It was so gross! But the elephant was cool. I wonder if that means good luck like when a bird poops on you…

I didn’t do morning yoga…not because I didn’t want to but because yoga was in the early evening. It just didn’t fit into my schedule ;). I did hang out at the cigar lounge on my first night but just took in the environment and I had a small bite to eat.

I was lucky enough to be on vacation with a colleague and her lovely family. When people are beautiful on the inside and the outside it’s so refreshing. They let me tag along as we explored a bit of Phuket. We made a pitstop at Starbuck to pick up mugs. I was certainly attracted to the phenomenal desserts but I didn’t give into the temptation. I wandered over to McDonald’s and had some nuggets and fries. Yes, I had McDonald’s in Thailand. Then we headed to a couple of sites: #WatChalong and the #BigBuddha.

Wat Chalong is a #Buddhist Temple. It’s brilliant colors are the exact same as they are on the typical Asian décor items. The temple was a peaceful place, as peaceful as it could be with tourist. People were respectful. The big Buddha is under construction but it’s worth seeing. It’s massive. It’s a site to see and the views from up there are astonishing. I added a bell while I was up there.

K and J Bell

I placed a bell at the big Buddha for Jaden and me.

From there we went to the Saturday market in #Phuket. It reminded me of a large flea market or swap meet. I did find one little leather shop with real leather at good prices but I managed to leave that shop with nothing. I bought 2 pair of sunglasses for a friend that cost $3 each. There was an abundance of food at the market. You could get just about anything. I was a little reserved though.

When I arrived back to the hotel, I decided to order room service because it was so cheap. I love the flat noodles. I had a few shrimp spring rolls too and they were okay. I didn’t really eat as much as I normally do when I travel. Maybe next time.

This really was a relaxing trip. I’m glad I had a chance to see Thailand and I hope to return one day. Perhaps I’ll have a chance to stay in that beach front property and write. You never know.

Living life…

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