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3 Days in India – Day III

The world of Bollywood is a fascinating one. I was fortunate enough to take a tour of one of the Bollywood Studios through World of Bollywood Tours. It was a cool tour. I saw live filming for a show. It was a comedy show and even though I couldn’t understand what they were saying I knew it was funny. I saw many permanent sets and took photos on some sets including in jail and as a judge. I watched the crew set up for filming and got a glimpse of a popular Bollywood actress. She was beautiful! And I saw her yelling at a crew member. That lasted forever. I wish I could have understood what she was saying but she was not happy.

From the Bollywood studio I went to lunch with the tour guide. We walked into Persian Darbar. This place is the real deal! The food was excellent. The lamb mutton was unbelievable. I also had a pudding for dessert that was excellent. The restaurant was beautiful and there were plenty of people to serve us. It was a very nice dining experience.

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