I Love Good Food

Jaden @ Davids getting tomatoes and basil for his meal.

Jaden @ Davids getting tomatoes and basil for his meal.

When Jaden and I took a cooking class at Cooking Classes in Rome with chef Andrea, we had an amazing time. Jaden has used what he learned in Rome to enhance his own culinary skills. Once he got home from his summer travels, he couldn’t wait to make fresh ravioli and fresh pasta sauce. Armed with what he learned from Chef Andrea, he took some additional tips from our wonderful neighbor, David, who also gave Jaden some garden fresh tomatoes and basil. He also let Jaden use his rolling pin because Jaden was a little too impatient to wait for the pasta roller. He tells me making the meal was a lot of work yet he excitedly spent the day in the kitchen.  He also told me that he had a little trouble getting the dough just right and after nearly letting the frustration bring him to tears, he prevailed! He completed his meal with ravioli stuffed with ricotta, spinach, and mozzarella.  Well, the end result was ravioli that was a tad bit too thick. Using a rolling pin didn’t yield the results he hoped for. However, I am so proud of him for getting in there and enthusiastically trying his hand at something all on his own. Next time, he’ll have the tools he needs and I’m sure it will be spectacular and delicious.

Speaking of food and great culinary skills, I was recently invited to dinner at a colleagues home. Boy was I in for a treat. It was one of the best meals that I’ve had since I’ve been in Doha. He prepared for his guests traditional Arabic food and ended with my favorite dessert. We had lentil soup, beef curry & rice, and New York style cheesecake. We also had his homemade bread. What makes it even more amazing is that he’s not Arabic. The entire experience was great. Good food and good company can’t be beat.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had an opportunity to enjoy homemade Lumpia. Yes, I’m a sucker for Filipino food. A lovely colleague made a large pan for me that is stashed away in my freezer. I find any excuse to heat up the oil and drop in a few. Umm umm good! I actually just finished some. All I needed was pancit.

Yesterday, to my surprise a delicious carrot cake from the Gourmet House was delivered to my door. The crew in my building just wanted to acknowledge my 1 year anniversary of moving to Doha. How sweet is that?!

To keep with the food theme, I’ll tell you that my up coming trip is indeed to the US. I’m visiting a couple of places during my stay and am most excited about an opportunity to eat BBQ & Pizza. I’m also looking forward to visiting a classmate’s new restaurant in Missouri. Tom’s place, BonChon, specializes in wings and from the photos I’ve seen they look delicious!  And you know I will stay with my @Kimpton family while in the states. I’ll get to experience 2, possibly 3 new #Kimpton properties. I know they will take great care of me as they always do. Honestly the best hospitality in the industry. I can’t wait!

Living life…and it’s good.

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