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So I Went to the States

Tamika, me & Paige

Tamika, me & Paige in Charlotte, NC

This is my third trip home to the states this year and I had a great time. As discussed in my last blog, Minneapolis…I Like It, I took my first trip to Minnesota. It’s a beautiful place with beautifully kind people and I hope to make it back one day. From there I spent some time in Chicago. It’s been 10 years since I was last in Chicago. I’d taken a travel assignment and worked at Prentice Women’s Hospital  at Northwestern. I stayed in a sky rise a few blocks from Michigan Avenue and Jaden was just 3 years old. It was only a one bedroom apartment but the closet was so big, Jaden used it as his room. I had a good time exploring Chicago all those years ago and it felt good to be back. Read more

Minneapolis…I Like It

Hanging with the fabulous Kimpton ladies at The Grand Hotel in Minneapolis.

Hanging with the fabulous Kimpton ladies: Mary & Illy at The Grand Hotel in Minneapolis.

Who would have thought? Spending time in Minneapolis feels a lot like spending time in Portland/Vancouver. It’s the cutest little city and the people are very hospitable. This was the perfect little getaway to reenter the country. I bet you’re thinking I’m crazy but let me tell you about my trip.

First and foremost I was able to stay at my favorite hotel brand The Grand Hotel, a @Kimpton Hotel and the team there didn’t let me down. From the moment I arrived Colette greeted me with a smile and gave me the run down of the property. Illy swore I’d been there before. We just chalked it up to my likable personality! I had a king corner room on the top floor which was lovely. The dark wood and textured wall paper added to the richness of the space. I must say the bed was one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept in in quite some time. The bathroom was spacious with separate bath, shower, and toilet and most importantly, the space was very clean. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to experience the Kimpton #WineHour at the Grand. This is the first @Kimpton in which I didn’t get to go to #WineHour but I have to say a big thank you to Hayden who made sure I had a nice bottle of Cabernet. I say all this to say, yet again, @Kimpton never disappoints. Read more

I Love Good Food

Jaden @ Davids getting tomatoes and basil for his meal.

Jaden @ Davids getting tomatoes and basil for his meal.

When Jaden and I took a cooking class at Cooking Classes in Rome with chef Andrea, we had an amazing time. Jaden has used what he learned in Rome to enhance his own culinary skills. Once he got home from his summer travels, he couldn’t wait to make fresh ravioli and fresh pasta sauce. Armed with what he learned from Chef Andrea, he took some additional tips from our wonderful neighbor, David, who also gave Jaden some garden fresh tomatoes and basil. He also let Jaden use his rolling pin because Jaden was a little too impatient to wait for the pasta roller. He tells me making the meal was a lot of work yet he excitedly spent the day in the kitchen.  He also told me that he had a little trouble getting the dough just right and after nearly letting the frustration bring him to tears, he prevailed! He completed his meal with ravioli stuffed with ricotta, spinach, and mozzarella.  Well, the end result was ravioli that was a tad bit too thick. Using a rolling pin didn’t yield the results he hoped for. However, I am so proud of him for getting in there and enthusiastically trying his hand at something all on his own. Next time, he’ll have the tools he needs and I’m sure it will be spectacular and delicious.

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Rome & Tuscany – Jaden’s Perspective

Here’s Jaden’s other video. I guess he forgot to tell me he finished it. My favorite is the last frame. @CortonaTuscany @GGeneret #Rome #Italy #Tuscany

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