Yeah, I Miss Him

The Kid & MeFrom the time Jaden was brought home from the hospital, he slept in his own crib. He was never a fussy baby. He was a great toddler and never got into things. Except that one time he covered his entire face with a bottle of super thick lotion. He was pretty much the “perfect” kid. When people would ask when I’d have another, I was truly afraid that if I did, the child would be the total opposite. But I digress.

Back to the sleeping thing. Basically, my child has rarely slept with me. I can count on one hand the number of times he did and a big reason I didn’t allow it is because I didn’t appreciate being assaulted by random arms and legs while sleeping. I say all this to say that during his 5 weeks with me this summer, I got to know my now teenage son by sharing some close quarters.  What I learned was both fascinating and hilarious:

  • My son snores like a grown a man – Our trip to Budapest, we had separate twin beds but they were pushed together so we were basically sleeping in the same bed. As little as this kid is, he snores like a 350 pound man! I was amazed! There were several times I had to poke him and make him roll over so he’d stop.
  • My son talks in his sleep – So, this was interesting. He literally talks as if he’s having a conversation with someone. One night, I woke up to him calling football plays. Another night he was singing “Go, Go Power Rangers”. Yet, another night, he jumped out of the bed and ran toward the balcony door. I called his name and asked what he was doing. I could tell that even though he was standing at my bedside, he wasn’t really awake. He said, “I thought I had to take a test!” The look of panic on his face was priceless. I redirected him back to his bed where he quickly began snoring. Crazy thing is, he remembers none of it.
  • My son has the worst smelling gas I’ve ever smelled – When your gas is offensive to yourself, it’s bad. Truly, it smells like something has curled up and died and been dead for a long time. What’s even worse is when it happens in his sleep and I’m awakened by it. I don’t know how it seeps from under the covers and makes it clear across the room but my goodness. I needed a gas mask to sleep in the room with him. Now, he did inform me that apparently I have gas in my sleep. Hmmm, that never dawned on me. But at least it’s not sucking the life out of others…I don’t think 😉
  • My son is a lot like me – To recognize yourself in someone else can be a scary thing. Seeing my likeness in my son was both eye-opening and annoying. What I admire is that we do value some of the same things. Following rules is something Jaden values greatly. I appreciate that. He’s also stubborn…like me (although I think I’ve gotten better with age). But he’s like I was at a young age. I won’t elaborate any more.

So now I sit and wait to take Jaden to the airport. I wanted him to see and be exposed to different things, cultures, experiences and such. He certainly had those experiences during his visit and collected a few passport stamps. We had some laughs and we had some disagreements, but we had a good time overall.

I do miss the kid. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I left the U.S. With technology, I don’t feel that I’m missing out on a ton but I know I’m missing out on more that I realize. Those who know me best know that for years I described myself as not very maternal. I have to say that was the worst description for myself. While I may not be a hugger or one to say “I love you” all the time or ever, I now recognize the maternal behaviors I have. So I will hold dear this brief time we had to spend together this summer. I hope he realizes just how blessed he is and will take these experiences and hold them dear.

It’s been fun.

Living life and it’s good and I’m maternal (that takes a lot to say out loud!)

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