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Recap! It’s Been 1 Year!

IMG_1162It was exactly one year ago today that I boarded a plane to Qatar and started an exciting new chapter in my life. This has been the most fascinating year. Here’s a recap: Read more

Choose Good Not Bad

Ruby Spa in Oregon

Ruby Spa in Oregon

My days are so mixed up! My timing has been a week off and I can’t quite figure out why. I even forgot today was payday. Doh! Where is my mind? No clue.

Anyway, I was sitting around yesterday and I thought, I need to go somewhere this weekend. So I logged in to the Chase Ultimate Rewards site to see how far I could get with my points. I could have gone to Sri Lanka or back to the Maldives but I narrowed it down to Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Oman. Ninety minutes to 3 hours on the plane for a weekend seemed much more practical than 9 hours.  I thought, I can literally hit the button and just go to another country in 2 days with no out-of-pocket expenses except food. I’m adventurous but I try not to be impulsive.

I decided to hold off for a bit and would revisit this thought later in the Read more

Change of Plans

Bangkok-1_defaultI’m sure many of you have heard about the bombing in Bangkok. First and foremost, my heart goes out to all the victims, their families, and the people of #Thailand. The events that happen around the world and then play out through social media and the news on a daily basis is a constant reminder of the state of affairs of the world we live in today. Some of you may know that I planned a trip to Thailand next month. My plan was to spend 10 days in Khao Lak and 4 days in Bangkok. It’s a country that’s been on my list to visit for some time. I was so excited for the opportunity. However, at this point, I have decided, as a solo traveler, to postpone my trip to Thailand.

Traveling over the last year has opened my eyes to so many wonderful things and so many wonderful people. Despite all the bad, there is so much good in the world. I’m blessed to have the opportunities to experience the good in so many places.

My plans for next month have changed. You’ll all be surprised by where I’m headed. Stay tuned.

Be kind to others…

I’m still living life and it’s good.

It’s Nice to Be Still


Wahclella Falls – Oregon USA

Wow! Jaden has been gone for 2 weeks now. He’s having a great time in Oklahoma with the family. I’m so glad he has a strong sense of family and enjoys his time there.

I personally have enjoyed being back home in Doha. I feel like I’ve been going non stop since June. I look back over the last couple of months and can’t believe the amount of travel I’ve done. It was fun yet exhausting. Being home is good. I’ve managed to have a few home cooked meals, catch up on a book I should have finished on my first trip (The Invention of Wings), and spend some time with friends.

Thinking about what I wanted to share in this blog, I thought I’d share a few travel related things that some may find helpful. While living in the US, I did some traveling and living abroad has allowed me to travel in a way that’s nearly impossible while living in the states. I’ve learned quite a bit over the last year so this post is really for those who are less traveled than me 🙂 Read more

Yeah, I Miss Him

The Kid & MeFrom the time Jaden was brought home from the hospital, he slept in his own crib. He was never a fussy baby. He was a great toddler and never got into things. Except that one time he covered his entire face with a bottle of super thick lotion. He was pretty much the “perfect” kid. When people would ask when I’d have another, I was truly afraid that if I did, the child would be the total opposite. But I digress. Read more

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