The Rest of Rome

I thought this was funny.

I thought this was funny.

After a long day in Tuscany, Jaden was worn out. He pretty much stayed in bed most of the day. But me? I got out to see more of Rome.

My first stop was the Borghese Gallery. This is an art museum that requires pre purchased tickets. There are set times to enter and there is a 2 hour window in which you are allowed into the museum. I have really never experienced anything like this place. Nestled amongst the beautiful sculptures are couture dresses. Initially, it seemed a little odd but it was so cool and creative. I was drawn in by the beauty.

From there I wandered around a bit and found the Spanish Steps. Unless you know some of the history, it’s just a staircase. The fact that they are really old and really grand is cool but other than that, I wasn’t wowed. I had to see the Trevi Fountain. I really wanted to see it at night. I heard it’s absolutely beautiful at night but it’s under construction. Even in it’s current state, it’s beautiful. I can only imagine what it’s like without the barriers and coverings. I’m glad I wandered that direction.

I stumbled upon a gem of a museum that I’d seen the Museum in Romeprevious night and thought it could be a cool place to check out: Mercati di Traiano – Museo dei Fori Imperiali. Boy, I never imagined what I’d find there. It’s similar to the Borghese in that the ancient artifacts and statues are surrounded by modern fashion. What set it apart for me are two things: the natural elements in the setting (exposed brick, concrete, marble) and the vantage point of the city. When I stepped out onto the balcony, I couldn’t believe the view. It was amazing! It’s certainly a place to experience if you’re in Rome.

The food in Rome is descent. There are so many restaurants, it’s difficult to know which is worth stopping in for a meal. I heavily relied on Trip Advisor and recommendations of others. We had a recommendation for L’Enoteca Antica di Via della Croce and we were happy with that dining experience. I had lamb shank and potatoes, a popular meal there. Jaden had a steak that he devoured. The wine selection was excellent as expected and the meat and cheese board to start was great.

I don’t really have any other food experiences to talk about. There was a little counter near our flat that sold deep fried items, Officina Del Fritto. I had deep fried: meat stuff olives, mashed potatoes with ham & cheese & noodles. It was just okay.

Another thing I like to do when I travel is to find thrift stores, second hand stores, and vintage stores. I was hoping for some cool vintage clothes but I was disappointed in the five stores within 3 minutes of the flat. However, one place had amazing vintage accessories. Even though I’m not that into handbags, I bought a few at amazing prices.

Overall, Jaden and I had an wonderful time in Italy. Here are my recommendations of must do things from our experiences:

  • Of course visit the Colosseum. The night tour was great.
  • Explore the wines. Take some wine tours and/or do tastings. It’s fun to learn about the wines and you’ll keep that knowledge with you when you buy wine going forward.
  • Visit the Borghese Galleries or the Mercati di Traiano – Museo dei Fori Imperiali.
  • See the Trevi Fountain at night (hopefully construction won’t impede your visit).
  • Take a cooking class! Cooking Classes in Rome with Chef Andrea is so much fun! You’ll be proud of the food you make and the wine is great.
  • Spend some time in Tuscany. It’s beautiful and peaceful.
  • Take lots of pictures!

There is so much to do that it can be overwhelming. Whether you plan it out or wing it, you’re sure to have a great time in this city so full of great history.

*     *     *

The following may not be suitable for young readers. Jaden if you’re reading this stop NOW!!! Trust me, you don’t want to know. 

I wasn’t sure if I should blog about this but I found it to be quite funny. Since it’s part of my travel experience I couldn’t leave it out.

I was trying to find an adult store while I was in Rome. You know, because there are none of those kind of stores where I live. After conducting a few searches and not really being able to validate any locations I was ready to give up. Then I thought, “I should have gone to one in Budapest since they seemed to have them in abundance”.

Anyway, one morning, I was taking an Uber to the mall. There was a middle aged Uber driver that picked me up in an very nice black Audi. He gave me a proper greeting and was nice and friendly (not all drivers are nice and friendly). He seemed pretty cool. This was probably the only time I wouldn’t have Jaden with me so I mustered up the nerve to ask the driver if he knew where to find an adult store. His face lit up and he said “A sexy store?” Apparently that’s what they call them in Rome. He tells me yes, he knows and he will take me.

We pull up to a place with a pink door that says “Sex Now”. I was a little confused by the name. I wasn’t sure what they meant by “Sex Now”. Was it a massage place with happy endings? Would I find a line up of men to choose from? What the heck did they mean by “Sex Now”?

I got out of the car and walked up to the door and there was a machine on the door that looked like it took a credit card. I went back to the car to ask the driver about the machine. I asked did I have to use a credit card and was he sure we were at the right place…because I was still confused by the name on the door. He explained that the machine was for an ID and he walked me to the door and scanned his ID to let me in. I stepped through the door into a small black room. The door closed behind me and I was surrounded by vending machines…full of adult toys! Vending machines! I was in that little room cracking up laughing at the absurdity of being in a room all alone with vending machines full of toys. I wish I had taken pictures.

I’m just saying, this may be a good investment opportunity in the US. I could totally buy a few vending machines and rent a little store front for those people who want to shop privately 🙂 Or maybe this is more common that I know and I’m just a dork!

Until next time, living life…and it’s good.

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  1. Sharon

    The sex story was a little scary at never know what’s behind those closed it was vending funny..



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