A Fabulous Cooking Class in Rome

Getting ready to cook!

Getting ready to cook!

The minute I decided to take Jaden to Rome, I knew we had to take a #cooking class. After the fun and the great food I had at @CookingwithClass in Paris with Chef Alex, I was looking forward to what the Rome cooking class had to offer. I booked a class through Cooking Classes in Rome after reading the reviews on #TripAdvisor. Sometimes Trip Advisor gets it wrong but not this time! We had a blast!

Jaden and I arrived to the location a little early because I just never know what to expect when going to a new place in an unfamiliar city. We ran into Chef Andrea unloading fresh goods from his scooter and offered to help him take the items inside. He declined. (Later he told me he was shocked that we asked because in his 10 years of doing this, no one had ever offered to help take things inside. Maybe it’s because no one usually arrives as early as we did! He said he wasn’t sure how to respond but gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for the kind gesture.)

There were 12 of us total in the class; some from America, Canada, and Australia. We started the morning with a few pastries and coffee. We then headed to the kitchen where Chef Andrea gave us some much needed education on real Italian food vs. Italian food we find in America and other places. For those who are wondering, Chicken Marsala is not an Italian dish!

Then the fun began.

The Menu for the DayThe food prep took the longest part of the day. With four courses, it took a while. We learned to make fresh tomato sauce and learning to blanch tomatoes is a handy trick that I’ll certainly use at home. Making pasta is super easy! I can’t wait to try it on my own. We learned to properly clean mushrooms! Who ever knew that you don’t rinse rather brush off the dirt. We learned to stuff zucchini flowers. We also learned to make tiramisu, one of my favorite desserts; and it’s so easy! Jaden and Chef Andrea seemed to have a special bond. Chef was putting Jaden to work! But Jaden was enjoying every bit of it. Jaden is very comfortable in the kitchen. It was fun to watch.

We sat down to a lovely meal paired with great wines. I really wish I could have bought some of the wine but I can’t take them home with me. I did enjoy what I had though. Each course was great! I couldn’t believe it was food that we’d made. I must say that Jaden stretched when it came to trying the foods. He doesn’t eat cheese or creamy stuff or chocolate. He ate ALL of the spinach and ricotta ravioli and he at least took a bite of the tiramisu. He also ate the zucchini flowers that had cheese. He was a trooper and discovered that he actually liked all of it except the dessert. It was a good experience all around and I’d highly recommend it.

After such an exhausting day in cooking class, we went home briefly to get ready for our Vatican tour. On the way to the tour’s meeting site, we passed St. Peter’s Basilica. It’s so beautiful! After the tour we went back for photos. I just can’t get over how beautiful many of the buildings are here.

Anyway, the #Vatican tour…It was a tour of the museum that included the Sistine Chapel. For some reason I thought I was getting a different tour but I went with it. It’s a nice museum. My favorite area is the map room. It’s beautiful. Our tour guide was a bit boring and she had this annoying green flag that kept getting in the way. That darn flag showed up in several of my photos. At the very end, she put the flag in her bag and was telling us all about the Sistine Chapel. She kept twisting and turning to show everyone pictures in a book and at the same time almost smacked several people and almost poked some eyes out with that flag! It was hot as heck inside that museum. The lack of air conditioning in public places is horrendous. We kept joking about how cool it would have been if the Pope just showed up to say what’s up. Knowing this Pope, he may have done it! But no Pope sightings on our tour.

It was a great day in Rome! Living life and it’s good.

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