Time for a Reflection

Learning to fry chicken.

Learning to fry chicken.

But first….

Since coming back from #Budapest, Jaden & I haven’t done much. He’s been working on putting a video together from photos and clips we took in #Budapest. Once he’s done, I’ll put it on the blog.

We’ve been to a couple of #Doha malls: Landmark and Ezdan. We had lunch at La Spiga’s in the W Hotel. It was my first experience there and I’ll tell you, their express lunch rivals the Market’s (also in the W) express lunch. Man, it was great! Jaden’s been trying to get me to take him back but I won’t. I think I’ll treat him to Hakkassan before he leaves. Other than that, we’ll have dinner at home like old times. By the way, Hakkassan won restaurant of the year in Doha by Time Out Doha (a local magazine). Well deserved!

Speaking of dinner at home, Jaden and I have had a couple of nights in the kitchen. I still smile when he gets excited to cook. He told me he wouldn’t cook while he was here. I’m not really sure why he believed that! Really kid? So I taught him to fry chicken. Yes, I did. His first batch of wings were pretty darn good. I’m going to get him to bake a cobbler for me before he leaves. Too bad we don’t have any fresh blueberries. I do miss my garden.

We’ve spent some time hanging in the Gourmet House coffee shop. Of course he didn’t want to go but once he got there he thought it was pretty cool. The next time we went, it was his idea! We broke out the old school video game box that connects to the TV. I’ve been whoopin’ him in Pac-Mac. It’s been fun.

We’ve had our parent – teenager spats as well. Just like old times! I’ve enjoyed having him here. I’ll certainly miss him when he heads back to the states. I know we are making memories and this is a summer he will never forget. When he’s old and gray and talking to his grandchildren, he’ll tell them “I remember when your great-grandmother & I spent the summer of 2015 abroad…”

*     *     *

And now time for a reflection…

I was thinking to my self that I don’t know what I’m going to write about when my travels are over this summer. My blog may be boring. Then I was thinking, I bet some people who read my blog think I’m living this fabulous life over here in #Doha and that I must not have a care in the world. Well, actually, I don’t just think this, I’ve had people say it to me. So I’ll just say this: Yes! My life in Doha is fabulous and Yes! I have some serious cares in the world.

I’ve said numerous times that I pinch myself all the time because I can’t believe this is my life right now. Being here and having the ability to do and see so many things is such a blessing. There are sacrifices that I am making to be here. Yet, at the same time, I have given my self the opportunity and permission to reflect (Maldives) and reconnect with myself. I’ve also allowed myself to be vulnerable (Vulnerable: A Personal Reflection)  which has opened my eyes and heart to so many things.  I truly believe that had I not taken this position here in Doha, my mental health would be a different story. I really am a better person than I was one year ago. I spoke with a lady on the phone this week in the US. She told me that I sounded so relaxed and happy; even over the phone! It’s a nice place to be in life.

And folks…we all know everyone has things that concern them. I am no different. Do I have to wonder where I will sleep at night or where my next meal will come from? No. But believe it or not, I’ve been there. While my personal cares may look very different from yours, don’t be fooled by the things you read. Not only on my blog but other’s blogs as well and people’s Facebook pages! I would encourage people to take personal time to reflect and to do things for themselves. Take care of you then if you wish to take care of others, you can do it better.

You may have noticed how I sign off most of my blogs. Well the story behind that is when I was leaving Oklahoma, a physician that I’d worked closely with became very upset with me just prior to my departure. The last thing she said to me was “Have a good life!”. She said it and meant it in that sarcastic way that it could have easily been replaced with “F**K YOU!” So Since I’ve left Oklahoma, one of my goals have been to have a good life. After so many years…I am.

Living life…and it’s good.

3 Responses to “Time for a Reflection”

  1. David

    Living a good life is the best way to erase the negative that others would have you suffer. While I miss you horribly, I am happy that you get to have this adventure and live your life to the fullest. The deepest cares that we all carry, don’t disappear with the fun we experience, but living life helps us to better understand the challenges we face. Near or far, friendship and love bonds those we call “family”, and you are that to us…so happy, so proud of you…for being strong enough to do what needs to be done!


    • KendraDawnRN

      Thank you David! Not only for the kind words but for being there for me when I needed someone the most. You & Shawn will always be family to me. You’re stuck!



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