The Rest of Our Budapest Days

At the Thermal Baths

At the Thermal Baths

We headed to the Budapest Central Market which is only a 10 minute walk from our hotel. When we arrived, it reminded me of a central train station. The market is a cross between a farmer’s market and a flea market. The produce looked nice and fresh and there was a great variety of meats. It seems that many locals would do some routine shopping here but I think it would suck to grocery shop where there are tons of tourists. Just my opinion. There was shop after shop of local goods including table dressings, shirts, jewelry, handbags, and souvenirs. I did check on the prices and they were slightly cheaper than the same items I’d seen elsewhere. I managed to get out of there with only buying smoked paprika.

We then headed over to the Hungarian Opera House for a tour. As we waited for the tour to begin, I noticed an older Asian man staring at me. I told Jaden that the guy was staring at me and he said it was my imagination. Then the man went over to stand near his friend and then they both were staring at me. So Jaden still thought I was crazy until….the man started taking pictures of me. Well, first Jaden thought the man was taking pictures of the poster next to me, I began moving around and his camera followed me. That was creepy! I should have taken my camera out and took pictures of him. He then left. I’m just glad he wasn’t on the tour with us. Weird!

From the opera house we stopped for lunch. Nothing fancy, just a little cafe. We shared a club sandwich and fries and had a couple of lemonades. The lemonade in Budapest is carbonated. It took a bit to get used to that.

Later that evening, we met some of Julia’s friends and we went to an escape room, Kelepce. I can’t tell you much because I don’t want to give anything away. What I can tell you is that we had an awesome team and did escape! It was tons of fun. There are a number of escape games around Budapest. Be sure to book one that speaks and has clues in the proper language. Try one out if you visit Budapest. You’ll enjoy it.

We finished the evening with dinner and drinks with our fantastic escape room team. I had another round of Hungarian beef stew and a margarita. They were both fantastic. Jaden had a burger which he raved about. It was a another great day in Budapest.

Saturday was a pretty lazy day. We walked around a bit. We went down to the Danube River to see the Shoes on the Danube Memorial. We didn’t get to see it up close because the area was closed off for an air show. I read about the memorial and took a couple of pictures but it would have been nice to be there when it was peaceful to have a chance to really take it in. Maybe next time.

We went to a local shopping mall. I’ve found that the prices are reasonable in Budapest. I actually picked up a few clothing items that were on sale for a pretty good deal. Getting to the mall, we used Uber. It was great because the driver spoke English. Leaving the mall was a different story because the 2 Uber drivers who were trying to pick us up didn’t speak English. There was certainly a language barrier! After the first driver canceled and after being on the phone with the second driver for nearly 5 minutes trying to explain where we were, I asked the guy making virgin mojitos to translate for me so the driver could find us. Whew, after 45 minutes trying to leave the mall, we finally met up with Uber!

We had ice cram at Gelarto Rosa again. My 4th day in a row!

We finished the evening with Julia at a @LindseyStirling concert. It was a pretty good crowd at the arena to see this artist put on quite a show with her violin, band, and dancers. I thought the music was good even though the songs began to sound alike after a while. She’s done well for herself and puts on a great & positive show. She may be coming to a city near you. I’m glad we got to see should check her out.

The next day we slept in. I think I’m still getting over jet lag from the US trip. I didn’t go to sleep until 5:00am that morning! Anyway, we wanted to experience the thermal baths so we went to Szechenyi Baths & Pools. I’m all about relaxation and spas so I was looking forward to it. I was highly disappointed. It was very crowded with minimal seating/lounging room. Even on a less busy day, there still wouldn’t be enough seating for people. I booked a massage and was walked through the indoor bath areas to get to the massage spot. There was just nothing relaxing or therapeutic about the entire experience. When I go back to Budapest, I will try one of the smaller, less touristy, baths. I like the idea I just want to be able to enjoy it and that means relax a bit.

So that’s our trip to Budapest. This was Jaden’s first European country to visit. He’s still surprised by how nice everyone is. I’m glad he’s getting the chance to see other countries and meet people from different places. Budapest is a lovely place and I will certainly go again.

Living life and it’s good.

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