Budapest Day 2

So I tried the fish foot spa.

So I tried the fish foot spa.

After Jaden & I had breakfast at the hotel, I started the day by exploring the shops near the hotel. I didn’t make him tag along with me because that would have been miserable for us both. There were plenty of familiar stores (Zara, Mango, Swarovski) as well as some specialty stores (Michal Negrin). As I walked along, many employees were actually out on the streets. Some of the store employees were pretty aggressive but I went along with it since I had nothing else to do. I got roped into a dead sea cosmetics store – Seacret. I let the guy try some of the products on me: scrubs, lotions, soaps, & mask. Now, I was totally amazed with the mask because it’s removed with a magnet and the salesman was a total charmer. By the time I left I had a coupon to have a fish foot spa..for 2. The sales guy and I were convinced that Jaden would be up for this.

So I went back to the room, told Jaden we had a stop to make before meeting Julia. We made it back to Seacret, I had him take off his shoes and as we both approached the pool. He freaked out! He was not interested in having fish eat anything off his feet! I was a bit nervous myself but trying to convince him, I stuck my feet in the pool and let out some bizarre noise between a chuckle and a scream. It was so weird! At that point there was no way Jaden was going to try this. After a few minutes I was used to it and it just felt like my feet were vibrating. Jaden never got up the nerve but he did stick his hand in for about 3 seconds. He has a standing offer to come back for free if he gets brave enough.

We met Julia and headed over to catch a bus across the bridge. Once off the bus, we caught a trolley-type mode of transportation up to Castle Hill. Not only are their beautiful views with picturesque scenery, there are museums, shops, and restaurants. We stopped along the way for several photos (see Budapest Album #1). We continued on and found a dessert stand, Korosfoi Kurtoskalacs,  that sells desserts from Transylvania. We had three: nuts, cinnamon, and vanilla. Yum! They were very good and were served nice and warm.

As we headed on, we came across an archery stand. We stopped and let Jaden try his hand at archery. He was good at it when he was in Cub Scouts. He didn’t do too bad this time around.

We went on to Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church. Fisherman’s Bastion is a great place to go for the views. The church is beautiful and certainly worth seeing. It was near here that Jaden and I sat to have our picture drawn. It was such an odd experience because people just felt free to come and take pictures of us. I did make a few faces for some Asian tourists. They loved it.

We left that area and headed to Ildiko Konyhaja for lunch. This was our first experience with Hungarian food and Julia took us to a place off the beat & path. And when I say it was delicious, that’s an understatement. I started with the goulash, which isn’t what we call goulash in the US. This was basically a beef soup. The flavors were so harmonious and the beef was tender and nearly melted in my mouth. It was really great. Then I had beef stew, which is again, nothing like beef stew in the US. It’s basically beef with a sauce spread over fluffy weird shaped noodles. I know that sounds super intellectual! Anyway, it was amazing! I was so happy after eating that food! Then I tried Palinka. It’s a liquor that’s not for the faint at hear. They say it’s fruit flavored but I didn’t taste any fruit…only liquor. Whew!

We headed back over the bridge and decided to walk. There’s an airshow happening over the next couple of days so there were planes coming and going. We kept trying to take a selfie with the planes flying overhead but didn’t get a good one.

Later, I headed back out to Gelarto Rosa for ice cream again. This time I had Oreo and panna cotta. I wasn’t disappointed. I went to the wine bar and had a glass of Hungarian Cabernet. It was pretty good. There were no seats so I joined others at the fountain just outside of St. Stephen’s Basilica and enjoyed my wine. Jaden sent me a text about being hungry so I headed back and stopped at KFC. The hot wings were pretty good and Jaden enjoyed his chicken strips.

Another fun filled day drew to a close and it was lights out…

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