Budapest: Day 1

Image courtesy of J. Korodi

Image courtesy of J. Korodi

We had a nice five and a half hour flight from Doha to Budapest. I literally slept from wheel up to wheels down. It was much needed sleep due to the crazy jet lag I’ve been experiencing! I’m not sure what Jaden did during the flight but the 2 times I opened my eyes he was singing old schools songs. I hoped he would get a few hours of sleep but I don’t think that he did.

My dear friend, Julia, met us at the airport and we took a taxi into the city to our hotel. Our hotel is in a great location, close to food, shopping, and sites. I forgot to warn Jaden about how small European rooms are and ours felt much like a dorm room. It’s clean and comfortable though and for a budget hotel, it’s very nice compared to the Ibis budget hotel I stayed at one night in Paris.

We took a few minutes to change our clothes and we headed out.

Our first stop was for food. We walked down the streets of Budapest. I took in the brilliant architecture that is so common in European cities and listened to the many languages that passed by us toward our destination. I enjoy being in places with such diversity.

We were heading to a place that Julia had known to sell good fried chicken. When we arrived, the place was no more. So we kept walking and I noticed some delicious sandwiches in a window. The place is called Duran Szendvics. We stopped and took in all the variety and decided to stay for lunch. When I say sandwich, these were open face sandwiches on small pieces of bread. You’d need 3 or 4 to make up a whole regular sandwich. I had a turkey ham sandwich and a brie, tomato, and cucumber sandwich. They were both excellent! We also had desserts called Retes or a strudel as we know them. I had one filled with cottage cheese and Jaden had one with apple filling. They were so good!

From there we headed to St. Stephen’s Basilica. Julia gave us a great history lesson on St. Stephen, his right hand, and the church. It was a great experience. The church is just as beautiful as the ones I’ve recently seen in Paris and London. We trekked up several floors to the top of the church and had an opportunity to over look the city. It was wonderful.

Then we went for dessert, yes I know we already had dessert but this was special. Gelarto Rosa is an ice cream place we were told about. It certainly doesn’t disappoint. Each cone is carefully crafted with ice cream shaped like roses. Not only is it beautiful to look at, the ice cream tastes great. I had white chocolate lavendar and peach flavors. They were both incredible.

We walked around a bit more seeing some of the bridges and Julia pointed out some historical sites. We ended the evening at the Hard Rock Cafe. I’m not typically a fan of HRC because it’s a bit of a tourist trap. The food is usually bad too. This one in Budapest, however, is very good. Between the three of us we had chicken strips & fries, chicken quesidillas, and spinach artichoke dip. Each dish was pretty good. The service at the restuarunt wasn’t too bad either. We sat outside under a tent, which is always nice in good whether, and we rocked out to some great music. It was certainly a fun time!

We parted ways with Julia after a fun filled day. After all is said & done…I’m liking Budapest.

Living life..and yes, it is good.

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  1. Wordsi

    Oh yes! I know of that ice cream place! Did you tell them that you’re from Doha? That should warrant you a discount. ;-). Glad you’re having a great time!



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