All About the Vineyards

Photo Courtesy of C. Potter

Photo Courtesy of C. Potter

I completely forgot to mention something else we did on day 2. We went to a maze room and spent an hour trying to crack the code to get us out of our makeshift prison. I’m not sure if you’ve heard about these games but it’s quite fascinating. It’s a game for the ultimate puzzle solver. We were locked in 3 separate rooms and had to help one another figure out how to escape by using the clues we found. If you get stuck, they will give you a clue. We did have a couple of clues but the ones he gave, I don’t know anyone in the world who would have figured it out.So that was pretty fun.

Day 3 we started the morning out with breakfast at the house: bacon, eggs, avocado, fruit, juice & coffee. It was great to just have a home cooked breakfast; something I don’t do enough of back in Doha. From there we took the scenic route to Malibu. We arrived at Rosenthal Wine Bar & Patio just in time to get a good seat. We sat out in the sun and listened to live music. The singer was pretty good and set a chill atmosphere. We had a bottle of wine, cheese & crackers. I had fish tacos from the food truck and they were very good. As for the wine, it was pretty bad. A few of the ladies did a wine tasting and they each came back with the same response: not so good. I’ve learned over the weekend that 3 of us have very similar wine pallets so I certainly trust their taste. They bought the least offensive wine for the table. If the wine had been better, it would have been a perfect venue. It’s okay though, good company made up for the bad wine.

We then headed to the next winery: Malibu Family Wines. We were pretty impressed with the crowd at the first venue but Malibu Wines was way more impressive. It was the perfect place to people watch and there were multiple events happening from birthday celebrations to bachelorette  parties; and colorful people as well. Some of us did a wine tasting at Malibu and I really enjoyed the wines. The whites were much sweeter that I’d ever had but not so sweet that I didn’t enjoy them. I’d never had a sweet Chardonnay or a sweet Sauvignon Blanc until I had theirs. I had one red wine of theirs as well and it was excellent. We spent a couple of hours there and headed back.

Sushi was in order for dinner so we dined at Matsuhisa at 129 N La Cienega Blvd in Beverly Hills. I mention the address because someone in the car (I won’t say any names) thought to use phonics to sound out the street name. Well try it and see what your pronunciation is. We laughed each time we passed that street. That will be one we bring up for years to come. Anyway, the sushi was very fresh and had good flavor. I ordered a spicy tuna roll but it was missing the spice and another tuna roll with okra. I did enjoy them both. Everyone else seemed happy with their choices so it was a win.

We thought we’d go to a club that night but it just didn’t work out which is totally okay. We went and had dessert at a restaurant in the Standard Hotel. This particular hotel has a young lady in a glass box behind the check in counter. She’s just there with her lap top and she happened to be in her pajamas. I asked about it and they call it art. I’m not real sure I’d agree but it’s certainly a bit odd. If you click the link you can see a lady in a box.

Another fun filled day spent with the ladies came to an end. The next morning I had a chance to sit out on the balcony and just enjoy the cool weather. It was great. Not long after, I was all packed up, we said our goodbyes, and headed to the airport.I can’t wait until next June. Dallas will be great!

My son flew to LAX to meet me so we could head to Qatar together. We landed in Doha about 18 hours later and now my new adventure begins. I’m looking forward to showing him around Qatar and then on to 2 countries that we will both experience for the first time. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d have the opportunity to take him to such places….looking forward.

Living life…and it’s good.

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