Day 2 of LA…More Fun

Christie & Me at the Grove in LA

Christie & Me at the Grove in LA

We started the day taking a drive to Santa Monica. It’s a scenic drive, quite beautiful. It was a bit foggy but that didn’t stop us from going to the Huntley hotel’s Penthouse, a restaurant with beautiful views. We arrived to the hotel and it’s trendy decor reminded me of the beautiful Kimpton hotels. We took the elevator up to the Penthouse and stepped off into a sea of white. I really appreciated the sheer curtains that section off each of the booths and I can only imagine how nice it looks at night with the great views. The afternoon view was nice though, fog and all. For lunch, even though I wasn’t feeling the greatest, I ordered the short rib grilled cheese sandwich with steak fries. Oh man! Because who can pass up a short rib grilled cheese sandwich? It was so good. It was a serious adult grilled cheese sandwich. I’m not sure who came up with that idea but it’s certainly a winner in my book. I got the nod of approval from the ladies as well.

After lunch we headed out and took a stroll along the waterfront and headed down to the Santa Monica Pier. The weather was nice, but the fog hadn’t totally burned off. It was cool enough for a light jacket but the beach was full of beach goers. I was happy just looking on. The pier was cool. There’s carnival style food, some chain restaurants, and coffee shops and of course vendors along the way. We stopped for funnel cake and coffee. It was great!

After filling our bellies and taking in the pier activity, we headed out to the Grove in LA. It’s a very nice outdoor shopping mall. Of course there are great places to eat too. Yes, I’m a little late but Christie introduced me to Swarovski. You have to know that I didn’t really wear jewelry until about 4 years ago. I’ve always seen the store but never went into one. Well, it’s a good thing I hadn’t because they have some beautiful pieces and I’m sure I’d be broke by now. Anyway, the shopping area is great and I certainly recommend stopping by if in the area. You’ll enjoy it.

I can’t remember who but someone had the great idea that we needed massages. So what did we do? Book massages. There was a list to choose from and a couple of the ladies divided and conquered. We looked at the reviews for the places and landed on Let’s Relax Thai Massage. Now, the reviews were good. The prices were fairly inexpensive. Perhaps this should have been our first clue that something may be amiss. When we called to make appointments, they were able to get all five of us in within the next hour and a half (although one chose a pedicure instead); clue #2 maybe. We arrived to the place and it’s in a strip mall. It just gives you the idea that there may be some happy endings that take place in the joint. So we checked in and low and behold…there was a sign that reads “We only do massages for relaxation & healing. NO Sexual Services. Anyone who asks for sexual services will be asked to leave with no refund”. Each of us made eye contact and chuckled over the sign. I think that was clearly clue #3! We were escorted to our rooms. The rooms reminded me of extra small cubicals with tall walls. I’m not sure how the therapist managed to maneuver her way around the table because it literally took up all the room in the small space. So she tells me to take everything off and lay on top of the sheet. Surely I didn’t hear her correctly so I took everything off and lied under the sheet. She came back in and said “No, no” on top. I said “Well what am I going to cover up with?” and she hands me a towel. I was thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” She came back in and I had the towel draped horizontally over me covering my buttocks. She was very strategic with that towel for the next hour. I always get a deep tissue massage but her boney fingers were killing me. She dripped oil on my body which is totally annoying because it’s cold! Then the positions she placed my legs in were a bit questionable. When I turned over onto my back, there was no eye pillow placed over my eyes and that’s something I’ve never experienced. It was the most interesting massage I’d ever had. When I thought she was done, she sat me up massaged my neck and back some more and then began to stretch me in weird ways I’ve never been stretched! I looked over and there was  foot on my thigh and my “girls” were all over the place. Then it was over…I slowly got dressed replaying the last hour in my head. It was strange. I walked out and thought that the stretching at the end actually felt pretty good, it was the cheapest massage I’ve ever had and even though she had boney fingers, the massage was alright. I wasn’t going to say anything about how weird I thought it was but as the five of us walked back to the car, we shared our unique massage experiences. The towel, the stretching, the weird positing wasn’t unique to my experience! It was hilarious and it was quite the adventure! I don’t care what the sign says, there are some happy endings that happen in that place.

Finally, we needed nourishment. I found my way to Chic Fil-A @CFUCLA. It was so good. The one thing I can say about that place is that they are consistent. I had a chicken sandwich with cheese and a lemonade. It was great. We also made a stop at In & Out Burger. I’ve had it before but I’m not a fan. From there we walked around to Stan’s Donuts (apple fritter is great) and then over to Diddy Riese’s for ice cream. As I stood in line at Diddy Riese, I looked over and saw a Happy Ramadan sign at a restaurant called Habibi’s. It made me smile.

After a fun filled day we headed to our place and played a few rounds of heads up! It was a good day…so thankful for good friends.

Living life and it’s good…

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