Enjoying Long Beach

Hanging at the AWHONN President's Party.

Hanging at the AWHONN President’s Party.

I must say, as much as I love living abroad, there’s a sense of comfort that comes over me when I land in the US. This was my first trip into LAX and I arrived in the international terminal. It’s a very nice terminal, clean, well spaced and efficient. This was my second time coming home using the Global Entry system and it’s nice. I don’t normally check my bags so I really could have saved close to an hour if I had not checked a bag. I’ll make it my business to only have a carry-on next time.

I’m staying at the Hyatt Grand Regency. So far, I’ve had a good experience. I was met by exuberant staff and had a quick and easy check in process. The hotel is very clean and well maintained. The rooms are nice. I think they are a descent size for a double room. The décor is modern and the beds are comfortable. Complimentary Wi-Fi is always refreshing.  If I had one suggestion for improvement, having a refrigerator would be nice.

My first couple of days in Long Beach has been pretty good. I’ve eaten at familiar places, which is nice. Seeing the Famous Dave’s across from the hotel was exciting but my dining experience was a bit of a disappointment. I’ll just say lukewarm food and questionable bartender hygiene sums up my experience there. California Pizza Kitchen restored my faith in the familiar restaurants. I had a ham and goat cheese flat bread. I happened upon a cupcake place, Miss Priss Cupcakes, and enjoyed a key lime cupcake.


We went to the Laugh Factory one night. I haven’t laughed so much in quite some time. Our host, Suli McCullough, played Crazy Legs on Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. Dude was funny. There were 2 other comedians: Gerry Bednob (very funny) and some guy name Jeff. I wish I could remember his last name because he was good too. It was time well spent and we all know what they say about laughter…it is good for the soul.


It’s been nice seeing the OR AWHONN crew as well as others from that conference that I have networked with over the last five years. Our opening speaker, Kathy Dempsey, was great. Her book, Shed or You’re Dead, is one I may read over the summer. She offered some very practical and relevant advice.


Tonight I look forward to the AWHONN’s President’s party. First, I need a nap.


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