Heading Back to the States


IMG_2174Right now I’m flying somewhere over the Atlantic. Each time I prepare for these ridiculously long flights I wonder what I’m going to do to keep myself occupied. This time, I’m going to watch movies. I’m not a big movie buff and my attention span is quite low when it comes to movies. However, I’m going to give it a whirl. So far, I have one under my belt for this flight: The Second Best Marigold Hotel. It was a great movie with some much-needed laughs.

As I embarked on my travels today, I have had an eerie sense of peace. Perhaps the feeling is because this has become my norm. It’s no longer exciting for me as much as it is routine. Please don’t take this comment in the wrong way. I am certainly privileged and do appreciate the opportunity to travel. It’s now just a normal part of my life. Because of this I have to capture the details of each trip.


Getting to the airport in Doha was a little different than normal. Traffic was heavy and I was slightly worried that I would not make it to the airport on time. Luckily, the heavy part of traffic was just a small section. Even though it took nearly an hour to get out of that section. I used Uber as I often do and there’s nothing worse than getting in a taxi that smells terrible. It smelled like old rotting food that had been heavily spiced. I guess it’s better than the ones that smell like urine.


The whole airport process was cool. I have E-Gate in Doha, which I think is one of the greatest inventions ever! Basically, it allows me to skip the immigration lines and just scan my ID and boarding pass. However, each time I travel, the process is a little different. It always requires the assistant to help but I’m not the only one it doesn’t work automatically for. It’s a bit of a chore but it sill beats standing in the long lines.


My flight to Frankfurt was great. Yes, I slept most of the way but it was a quick 6 hours and the food was good. I will say, I think economy seats on some airlines are getting smaller and smaller. I could barely stand up in place on the Luftansa economy flight to Germany. I can attest that when flying Qatar Airways, there is more legroom in economy.


I happen to be a Priority lounge pass holder. So I love to find a lounge and hang out. This time, I found one at Frankfurt, Sky Lounge that was past security. I made my way down some desolate hallways and finally arrived to the lounge. What I appreciate most is the free food and liquor. I had some great meat and cheeses, amazing banana yogurt, and a cappuccino topped with Bailey’s. I sat and enjoyed complimentary Wi-Fi and watch the news. All very relaxing during my 3-hour layover.


Then it was time to board my flight. I’ve learned that booking an economy seat on the second floor of the plane is the way to go. The overhead bin space is a little odd but it’s roomier and there are no children on this level. So for long flights, it’s great. When I boarded the plane, I spotted the most fabulous gay man. He was gorgeous! I would have told him right there on the spot but he was on the phone. I swear he could have graced the cover of several magazines. Of course I couldn’t leave the flight without telling him just how beautiful he his. All I can say is there was a whole lot of blushing going on. I should have taken a picture with him.


Anyway, I’m looking forward to my time in Long Beach and after 18 hours on the plane I think I may need some spa services.


So stay tuned. I’ll post what I’m up to in CA.


Living life…and it’s good.


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