Wine & Bacon Anyone?

BeachOriginal Post: October 25, 2014 Being off work for 9 days can be exhausting! I had a great time of rest and relaxation during my first official Eid Holiday. I had time to explore Doha more.  Not to anyone’s surprise, I pampered myself a bit more.

In order to get a pedicure like we get in the states, you must go to certain salons. I went to Glow, American Salon for a mani & pedi. This is one of the few salons that offer the big massage chairs with the jetted foot spa that we’ve become accustomed to in the US. Other salons in Doha only use a bowl of water.  So I had my hands and feet done and they did a pretty good job. It’s been more than 12 years since I’ve had anything done to my hands. Initially, the reason I stopped getting my nails done was because I was at the bedside. Then, I just never thought it was worth spending the time or the money. Well, I’m happy I got them done. I miss the femininity of manicured hands. I can be a girlie girl at time J This was also my first time using the OPI gel polish.  I quite enjoy it. Oh how things have progressed…

I also went back to the spa! This time was sheer heaven. I started with a full body scrub with an almond based scrub, then a body wrap with almonds and avocado, a 60 minute massage, 60 minute facial, soaked in the jetted tub, had a wonderful cup of ginger tea…all in a beautiful huge room for…wait for it…. $157 US. To top it off, the therapist is amazing! Like I said before, this will be a regular treat for myself. I’m not sure I can do anything less than this package. It was a 4-hour wonderland. I’m relaxed just thinking about it again.

Jazz at Lincoln Center – Doha: Who would have thought? Some colleagues and I experienced Jazz at Lincoln Center – Doha at the St. Regis Hotel. It’s a very nice, intimate setting with musical guests from Las Vegas, Brazil, New York, and Japan.  When they “jazzed” out a Nirvana song, I was totally in to it. They played a great set with lots of energy. If you like jazz, I highly recommend experiencing this. You’ll enjoy the setting, the people, the food, the wine, and of course…the jazz. I have to mention Christian Tamburr · Vibraphonist (Vibraphonist and pianist Christian Tamburr has been Musical Director for Julio Iglesias and Cirque du Solieil, and is current Musical Director at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.) This guy is not only a great artist but his energy is contagious. He’s quite entertaining and had the audience at hello.

The Vintage Lounge in the St. Regis is also a nice intimate place to hear live music, enjoy a drink, have a bite, spend time with friends. The lounge currently features #BlackPearl from Chicago. This young lady is as dynamic as they come. She has an incredible range and is soulful, yet jazzy.  She’s very interactive with the audience, which makes it a fun night.  The night I went, was the last night she sang with #AmosRose. Amos is also an amazing artist, whether he’s on the keys, strumming his guitar, or singing (and he has a brilliant voice) he’s wonderful. He’s now off to bigger and better things but he hopes to come back to Doha. I’ll be there front and center when he returns.

The Sarab Lounge (Also at the St. Regis) is where 2 colleagues, a friend and myself experienced high tea. You can click the link for the story of afternoon tea. High tea is an impressive display of socialization. Even if you’re not a social person, the experience will make you social. The four of us spent nearly 3 hours enjoying fine tea, sandwiches, fruit, desserts, and finished with a nice glass of a sparkling non-alcoholic beverage.  The server did a marvelous job of telling us about 15 of their 100 teas. He was very knowledgeable and seemed quite passionate about it. If he wasn’t, he did a great acting job. I had a caramel African tea. It was very smooth and just sweet enough that I didn’t need to add anything to it.  I also have a floral tea from France. It was also a nice blend. It reminded me of a good sauvignon blanc…but it was tea. Every tiny dessert I tried was excellent. Each time you thought it was over, they brought out more. I was a little disappointed in myself because I was full! I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted to and y’all know how I enjoy eating. The last thing I’ll say about high tea is that it is truly part of the culture. There were groups of women and groups of men enjoying high tea. It’s an amazing thing to me to see how people experience this. As an aside note, I’ve been watching Downton Abbey…high tea in Doha is much like high tea on Downton Abbey J

I almost forgot…I found a street of nurseries (see photos)! It was so wonderful to be amongst plants and trees and just green! I was like a kid in the candy store. The only herb they had was rosemary, which is one of my favorites.  I hope to find some others when I have more time to explore. The items are fairly inexpensive as well.  Now that I know where the nurseries are, I will surely go back.

These are the highlights of my 9 days off! I had a great time. I didn’t think I’d ever say this but I was glad to go back to work. There’s lots to be done and I really enjoy the work…. and the people I work with. Who could ask for more?

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