What Fun!

HorsesOriginal Post: November 17, 2014

I’ve had another fascinating week in Doha. As I’ve said before, I don’t talk much about my job. However, this past week I had one of the best training experiences in my career. It was so fulfilling and I could just see the vision that can be carried out here in Doha. The training was simulation training for faculty. The primary focus was the techniques of debriefing. Even with that as the focus, we had the opportunity to play with many simulation dolls and all sorts of equipment. It was astonishing! Two and a half days of training and I was exhausted! What was so amazing about it was the skill of the instructors conducting the training as well as the excellent interdisciplinary approach. I learned some life skills around communication in that workshop. It really had an impact. If I’d like to continue, I have the opportunity to become simulation faculty. I am strongly considering it.

I went back to Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha #jalcdoha this week as well. The current artists are phenomenal. It’s the kind of jazz I love to listen to live. The lead singer is a gentleman from New York, Gregory Generet, with a great voice. He’s engaging and serious about his craft. I really enjoyed him. The band is hot: Richard Johnson on the keys, Jonathan Michel on bass, Keita Ogawa & Billy Williams, Jr. on the drums and @Dominick83 Farinacci on the horn. This venue offers such an opportunity for an intimate setting. So happy for #Jazzdotorg and I’m sure I’ll be there regularly; at least while these artists are there.

I’m still loving the #Vintage @StRegisDoha. They have a true artist in this venue. I’ve mentioned #PearlRamsey from Chicago before and the sista is amazing: beautiful person both inside and out. She works magic on the crowd. She sang Diamonds and Stay with Me the other night. Man…I was through. I love vocals, I love music, I love art. I will say thank you to Pearl for introducing me to some fantastic people over the last few days as well. I’m going to miss her when she leaves Doha!

Did someone say National Horse Jumping Competition? Yes, I did that too. Well, I observed the horses jumping J. I had an opportunity to go to the horse jumping competition. I enjoy sport in general and this was a first time experience for me. I find horses to be beautiful animals and their strength, beauty, and grace is to be admired. It was exhilarating to watch the completion in a spectacular venue. Doha has some of the most amazing venues….

Lastly, I won a competition at work. The prize is dinner for 2 at any restaurant in Doha. I’m thinking about one of @GordonRamsay ‘s restaurants. Ya’ll know how I feel about food so I am really looking forward to this!

Stay tuned!

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