The Move: Part II

FoodOriginal Post: September 2, 2014

I walked out my front door, across the street, past a parking lot, and across a major street, and into the front doors of City Center – Doha. It’s one of the major malls in town and major it is!

My first stop was to the cell phone shop to get my local cell phone turned on. One thing that’s very different here is that most landlines can only call landlines and some cell phones can only call cell phones. So I had to get connected quickly.

After that, I just wandered mindlessly through the four stories of mall. I noticed 2 Starbucks stores. I didn’t stop in Starbucks this time around but as I write this, I’m thinking maybe I should have. There was no Victoria’s Secret, but there is A Woman’s Secret. It was pretty tame in comparison.

Lesson from the mall: Most of the stores that carry business clothes for women only have sizes 6 and up. Well, I’m a 4 so I’ll have to figure something out.

As I continued to walk through the mall, it was like a Wal-Mart Supercenter magically appeared inside the mall. Yeah folks! I went grocery shopping at a supercenter-type store right in the mall. The pricing wasn’t too bad either. I was wondering why people were pushing shopping carts through the mall. It was very convenient but a little weird.

Lesson from the grocery store: weigh my produce before arriving to the checkout stand…lesson learned.

I ate at the mall too (see photos). I’m not real sure what it was but it was a mouth full of deliciousness. It was also a pretty large portion. There was what I assume were beef kabobs served with pickled vegetables, cucumber salad, rice, and a tortilla. The seasoning on the meat worked so well with the pickled veggies…delicious. I must say, the cucumber salad was probably the best I’ve ever had.

First Impressions: The Taxi driver who returned me home from the mall was from Nepal. He has been the happiest person I’ve seen/met so far.

Lastly, I’ve attached pictures of the views from my 4-bedroom 15th floor apartment! I’m right in the thick of things…

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